Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oooh, ooh, ohh!

I got the email message last night that Bevin's quilt is quilted and shall soon be Priority Mailing its way home. Yahoo! I'll have to dig through the piles to see what I've got to bind it with. Brown probably. Or black. Plenty of black around here.

And I finished the knitting on the mystery scarf. About 5 feet worth of tail weaving-in to do, but Christmas is a month and a half away. Looooads of time. I realized this week that I'm missing a niece scarf-wise too. Poop. Hannah's eight years old - too big for a baby scarf, maybe not responsibly big enough for lace. Hmmm, ponder ponder. I think at his point, the boys will be getting UVM t-shirts or something. There's only 3 of them, after all... maybe there's time. Nah.

The weather forecast suggests that the rain I wasn't expecting until tomorrow is showing up this morning. I didn't get the rest of the lawn done, but did plant the 150 or so bulbs that have been patiently waiting in the garage. I have daffodils and grape hyacinth that have returned every spring for 6 years, but the tulips I planted at the same time declared themselves annuals and never made much of a reappearance. Or maybe the squirrels declared them dinner, and the tulips never stood a chance. Either way... But next spring I'll have tulips again. And regular hyacinths, crocuses and chiondoxa. Yeah! Something to look forward to in about 6 months.

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Tanya Brown said...

Oh, wow; lovely shot. Is this from your yard?

150 bulbs - your back must be aching!