Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Flashback

We got a bit of snow again yesterday, 3 or 4 inches, but it fell softly, straight down. Real pretty, snow globe snow. I went out at 6:30 and shovelled and plowed the driveway and walk clean. Now, at 9, it's snowing again. the same, straight down pretty snow. We're expecting another Nor'easter this weekend, up to a foot of snow with that one. Sunday seems like a good day to stay inside.

As I was dropping the bigger kids off at school this morning I noticed a man out staking snow fencing across his lawn. Little late there, pal, but better late than never. Except for farm fields, I don't see as much snow fencing as I remember seeing as a child. Our neighbours, Audrey and Jack Haviland lived a little ways back from the road and they put up snow fence every year right down the middle of their lawn. The result was an incredible, high snow drift, like a sand dune of snow. 8, 10 feet high or at least it seemed that way. We'd spend hours with the Haviland kids Gary and Christine digging tunnels through that drift.

The thought of the liability issues involved in such dangerous play would send tremors down the spine of any homeowner these days, but it was a different time. We traveled without seatbelts, babies rode up front with mom, helmets were a fashion accessory for Evel Kneivel, not required outfitting for banana seat Huffy riders. Banks of snow, mows full of hay, sand dunes, they were begging for tunneling. We're lucky we survived at all, actually.

That gorgeous picture is by Peter Kleiber. Click it (or here) to go to his site to see more.

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Kate North said...

banana seats, wow, that sure brings it all back. yes, I'm another who is lucky to have survived childhood - you forgot to mention how nothing was anti-bacterial either :)