Thursday, December 27, 2007


I've kept this post Marked as New in my Bloglines for quite a few weeks now, and I've read and re-read it. I'm having trouble getting my head around the fact that something that makes so much sense is just so darn hard to actually do.

I've slid, hard. The scale is NOT my friend right now. Sadly flannel Joe Boxer pajama pants are. But with friends like these... well, you know.

I'd like to say I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, but whoo boy that'd be one doozy of a lie. Lists and lists of resolutions would be more accurate. This year, though, what I'd really like to be is comfortable. Comfortable with who I am in whatever size that might be. I know I'm not comfortable in this size. So we'll see.

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Teri said...

Honey, I know what your'e saying. I like the change in the year because it makes me feel like I can start over again. I also have slid hard. I sometimes I think I am too comfortable with myself, because I don't seem to care that my weight is going up. I have health problems that diet and exercise would help, and yet I don't try. I take that back, I have tried, but some of the meds I take, and my age make it so hard to lose weight. I am already bad at it, and it gets discouraging when you work hard at something and show minimal progress. I was thinking about joining weight watchers again, but I am not crazy about the rah rah meetings, and the thought of stepping on a scale in front of someone and failing is too much for me. I am going to try again.. and I am going to wait until after the first of the new year. So I guess that is a kind of unwritten resolution. I hope that I can carry through with it this year..