Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yes, I am one of those people

Since I finished the last of the Christmas scarves I've been pondering next year's Christmas gifts. And, even better, I've decided! I've got a niece and a nephew with quilts due this year - Alana is my 2nd brother's youngest, and Phillip is my sister's oldest. For Alana, I've already started scheming a Lady of the Lake quilt. Phillips will come to me, I'm sure, sometime before Alana's quilt is done. I hope. But beyond that, there are still 2 nephews, 4 nieces and my own 3 that are below the 16 year old quilt gift age. And for them? Aprons! How bizarre, you say! I know! I'm going to find (or come up with) a cute, personalize-able chef's style apron pattern, and make them up in various sizes (from 13 year old young man to 4 year old young lady.) Combine those with one of those glue and decorate gingerbread house kits per family, and I think we'll have a winner! Woo! (BTW - I don't know who the cutey is in this pic, but gee, who wouldn't love to have that flinging frosting and gluing gumdrops all over their kitchen?!)

Now, all I have to do is remember. Heh.


Irene said...

Dorothy, if I was closer I'd slap you for already thinking about next year's Christmas gifts!

Love your new red machine.

Zazzu said...

What's a "Lady of the Lake" quilt? Is it Spamalot related?

Loved Spamalot btw. Saw it in Vegas last week.

My, that gingerbread house looks yummy!