Sunday, February 03, 2019

Not what I'd Planned

Installing this bad boy today was not my plan, but such is life.  Yesterday, attempting to warm up some lunch, the frozen pizza bagels stayed frozen, and the smell was ozone, not pepperoni.  Dammit. It looks like the hanging bracket from the old one matches the bracket from the new one, so that's good.  As long as the top bolt holes match, all is good.  I can install it anyway, of course, but not having to fill old holes and drill news ones would be ideal.  Fingers crossed for an easy install.  I'l wait until Daniel's up though - this is definitely a two person job.

January is over  How'd I do with my resolutions?  I managed the discretionary spending!  I not only did it, but I have some cash leftover!  Daniel owes me a little bit of money, but I don't think I'll replace that cash unless I have to.  Nightime snacking - I indulged a little once the calendar changed, but I really didn't like the way I felt afterward, so I'm going to make that a policy.  The water habit has stuck, though.  I don't drink enough during the day, but that mostly is because I really hate the incinerating toilet we have, and the nearest flush toilet is down the stairs, out the door, across the parking lot, down the road, up the driveway, across the parking lot, though the porch, and down the hall.  It's easier to drink less.  The exercise still didn't happen, but my 'no-bread-at-lunch did.  Unexpected side effect, though, I carbed up when I got home.

For this month, a line in the sand.  10 lbs.  It's not a lot, it's not enough, but I'm going to weigh myself every morning, and get this done.  And week 1 - only fruit or veggies when I get home instead of chips, or a bagel, or cookies.  Plus water.  I wonder when Lent starts? (March 6)

I have backing. batting, and spray baste for the quilt.  That's my target for this week.  It's big, I'll need a big clear space, so I'll need to do that too.  I think getting this together is going to be about as hard as getting it quilted (not really­čśč)

Week 1 - fruit or veggie snack after work

What's for Dinner?

3 Roast Chicken
4 Grilled Cheese
5 Fried Rice and Eggrolls
6 Spaghetti
7 Chicken Pot Pie
8 Pizza
9 pigs in blankets
12 fajitas
13 Mac & cheese
14 meatloaf
15 Pizza

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