Sunday, February 17, 2019

Just a little List.

Just a list this week.  I have tomorrow off, I'm going to get that quilt done.

Let's see:
February 0/10 (still  I think this one is a non-starter)
Week 1: after work snacking.  meh.  I need to be more aware
Week 2: Better Breakfasts - oh yes! Twice I took oatmeal to work and it was lovely!
Week 3: DO NOT BUY FOOD YOU SHOULD NOT EAT.  If all I have to choose from is healthy snacks, I'll make better choices.

What's for Diner?

17 Pork Chops
18 Soup & Bread
19 Fajitas (Daniel cooks)
20 Lasagna
21 Chicken Sandwiches
22 Pizza
23 Mac & Cheese
24 Crockpot chicken thighs
25 Grilled Cheese
26 Omelets
27 Spaghetti
28 meatloaf
March 1 Pizza
2 Burgers

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