Sunday, March 03, 2019

Oh, Hi!

Hey, look what kept me busy last weekend!  (this is the back)  Laura's quilt is quilted, and the bindings on, and slightly more than 1/4 sewn down.  Woo!  I hauled it to the Bixby yesterday for "knitting" and stitched and chatted for a couple of lovely hours.  Nice.

I'll get it done this week, and then maybe get something smaller done to take with me to Mom's.  She's getting a new hip this week, and I've decided to take March 20-25 off to do my part with appointments and help general help around the house.  I'd like to take longer, but I just really don't think Scott's capable of being on his own for longer than 5 days.  Sad, but true.

Lent begins this Wednesday and while I am not a believer (in any religion) I like the opportunity to institute yet another reset.  A conscious reexamination of habits.  I'll think a little about what those habits are, see what needs tweaking.

This week - 
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday - Daniel 1/2 day school
Friday - Daniel no school (PT Conferences)
Saturday - Daniel Super Saturday 😄
Sunday -

What's for Dinner
Mar 3 Pork Roast
4 Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
5 Pancakes
6 laz-agna (make 2)
7 Chicken Thighs
8 Pizza
9 Burgers
10 Roast Chicken
11 Tomato Sandwiches
12 Chicken Strips or Fish & Fries
13 Spaghetti
14 Fried Rice & Egg rolls
15 Pizza
16 Nibbles
17 Pork Chops
18 Daniel's Birthday (Daniel's choice)
19 Meatloaf (w/leftovers)
20 Deli
21 Mac & Cheese
22 Pizza
23 Lasagna
24 Chicken Pot Pie
25 Grilled Cheese
26 Omelets
27 Chicken Parm
29 Pizza

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