Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy SPD

This was as "all of it" a picture as I got - there was no one to hole it higher, and there was too much snow between me and the deck.  There it is.  And now, it's off to it's forever home, and the check is in the bank.

I'm still think about Daniel's quilt, but I have a couple of ideas for other quilts.  Maybe one for Chance!

The wonders of modern technology.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday  - I have a blue spot in the middle of my big toe.  She's baffled, so we'll watch it.  But while there, I asked about a few other things.  A few other things that encouraged her to run some bloodwork.  I got the results in my Patient Portal Friday, but have not had a phone call.  But I'll get one, I just know it.  And I know it because my blood pressure, is fine, my iron levels are low(ish) but within normal, calcium's fine, sodium's fine, glucose is NOT.  There will be some fasting blood work in my future.  I wish this had come up sooner - I'm leaving Wednesday morning for mom's.  In the meantime, I'm limiting simple carbs, I'll try to increase exercise, and get this straightened out, hopefully, when I get back.

So, since I'm away this week, my calendar is mostly empty.  And the menu?  It's on Daniel to execute.

This week - 
Monday - Daniel turns OMG 16!
Tuesday - Lunch meeting at work
Wednesday - drive drive drive drive drive
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -

What's for Dinner
17 Omelets
18 Daniel's Birthday Cordon Bleu, Corn, Crashed potatoes.  Chocolate Cream Pie
19 Grilled Cheese
20 ?
21 ?
22 ?
23 ?
24 ?
25 Grilled Cheese
27 Chicken Parm
29 Pizza


Anonymous said...

I hope everything is okay. You haven't posted in a month...

Dorothy said...

Oh, gosh, it's been almost TWO months! I didn't think anyone was actually reading this, so I stopped. I'm fine. And thank you for noticing whoever you are! <3

Anonymous said...

I check in regularly, too, and have wondered if things are alright. I hope you start posting again soon!