Sunday, March 10, 2019

I'm going to try to get a better picture of this before I send it out into the world, but B2 (Bossy Quilt, the Sequel) is done and done and done.  I'm planning to drop it off to Laura on Wednesday morning.  The proceeds will go directly into the "I Need a New Stove" fund - I'm getting close!

Next?  I'm going to have to update the Next 4 list.  Daniel's Christmas quilt really ought to be next in line, but I have no idea what it looks like yet.  I want to use some more of these lovely fabrics from Erin's mother-in-law to make something for Chance.  Again, no idea what it looks like, though.

I'm flying solo at work this week, Joanna's heading south for the week, she'll be back Monday, Tuesday, and then I'm off Wednesday until the following Monday.  Mom's hip surgery went well, but she's had some blood pressure/blood sugar issues so she's staying put in the hospital a day or two more.  Best place to have health issues, I figure.

I need to get this nonsense off my counter.  So. Much. Green!  I'll give it some serious attention this afternoon; the weather's kind of marginal and I don't need a lot of groceries this week, so I'm not going back out.  Laundry, a pork loin, some applesauce and green beans - done.  There's enough bread and cereal, and fruit for breakfast tomorrow, so, done.

This week - 
Monday - Flying solo at work!
Tuesday - Dr. appt 11:15
Wednesday - Drop of B2 to Laura 7:40
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday - Knitting at the Bixby
Sunday -

What's for Dinner
10 Pork Loin Roast
11 Tomato Sandwiches
12 Chicken Strips or Fish & Fries
13 Spaghetti
14 Fried Rice & Egg rolls
15 Pizza
16 Nibbles
17 Roast Chicken
18 Daniel's Birthday (Daniel's choice)
19 Meatloaf (w/leftovers)
20 Deli
21 Mac & Cheese
22 Pizza
23 Lasagna
24 Chicken Pot Pie
25 Grilled Cheese
26 Omelets
27 Chicken Parm
29 Pizza