Sunday, July 15, 2018

Shit shit shit shit shit

Scott got fired.  Again.  This is his 3rd job in 4 years, and what I earn will not hold us long.  He says he's going to take whatever he can get, and he'd better.  As of the end of the month, well have no insurance, and only about 1/2 as much money as we need to pay all the bills.  He's already alienated every single friend he has who might be able to help out, financially.  One of them I am slowly paying back for a debt Scott walked away from.  He can explain away a lot of his behavior as depression and real Obsessive Compulsive disorder, but neither of those gives him the right to be the asshole that he's become.  I have sadly, helplessly watched it happen, and there's nothing I can do except try to keep my, and Daniel's heads above water.  I have to hold on for 3 more years.

Shit.  Maybe I need a weekend job.  Anyway, that's today's dose of reality.  But even with all that, life goes on.  So...

My oven has been playing nice lately.  I made scones this morning.  Yay, scones!  I haven't made them since I left the cafe, and they were exactly as easy as I remember.  And just as delicious.  Yay for Sunday.

Laundry's about done, the last load is on the clothesline, and I picked up milk ad cereal when I went out to get flour for <- those scones.  Maybe I'll put together some 4 part tree blocks (they're all in 2s right now.)  Pictures of what I accomplish on Thursday - how's that?  I'll make a bunch more HSTs for Laura's quilt too.  And how glad am I that the blazing 95 humid degree sunshine is taking care of the AC bill?  Onward.

This week:

Not much - Daniel's taking the test for his learner's permit on Wednesday.  So far that's it.

What's for dinner?

15 Spatchcock Chicken
16 Grilled Cheese
17 Hot Dogs
18 Spaghetti
19 Deli
20 Pizza
21Mac & Cheese
22 Bratwurst
23 Grilled Cheese
24 Pork chops
25 ravioli
26 hot dogs
27 Pizza
30 grilled cheese
31 Meatloaf

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Weekend Update

Yesterday I picked strawberries, today I made jam.  I made one batch, Daniel made the other - and they all sealed, even the partial jar of leftovers.  Just in time, because I am O.U.T of strawberry jam, and that's a problem.  Problem solved.

I also installed an air conditioner downstairs - it's loud, but it makes the whining noise stop.  (That would be me, I hate this weather)  I intended to spend some time in the garden.  Didn't happen, but I did get all the laundry done this weekend, and /12 the grass cut.  It was actually longer than I would have guessed.  Front is done, and along the lane, so everything visible to anyone driving up.  Tomorrow Daniel can weed-whack around the raised beds and trees, and I'll finish the back (and on Tuesday it can rain)

I threw in the towel on the tee shirt project  - even with a ball point needle, new thread and my even feed foot, I could not get them to not ripple.  I gave them back, un-shirted.  I did, though, spend a little time making HSTs, and tree blocks, and they definitely worked. 😊

This week:
Monday - Band Concert
Thursday - Market
Friday - Pay Day!

What's for Dinner?
9 Grilled Cheese
10 Pork Loin
11 Ravioli
12 Fried Rice
13 Pizza
14 Bratwurst
15 Spatchcock Chicken
16 Grilled Cheese
17 Pancakes & Bacon
18 Spaghetti
19 Hot Dogs
20 Pizza
21Mac & Cheese

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Weekend Update

Ugh, it's so hot.  Approaching 90 already, and it's not even 10:00.  I've spent an hour in the garden already, and there are 3 loads of laundry on the line.  I've had a shower, and shortly I'll get dressed and go to Costco.  It'll be cool in there, at least.  This heat is supposed to last until tomorrow evening - thank goodness I have A/C at work.  It's just awful.  I do need to drag the hose out to the garden for a little bit.  I thinned and transplanted some carrots and beets, and they'll need water to survive.  Maybe I'll do that now, actually.  BRB

There, done.  They don't look too traumatized, and the birds are dancing in the spray of the sprinkler. The spinach has bolted, but everything else looks gorgeous.  Maybe I'll stir fry some chard for dinner, and maybe I'll build a smoothie to for tomorrow's breakfast - there's a lot of kale, and I can use some of the spinach as well.  Berries and bananas in the freezer.


July 1 Canada Day! Burgers & Poutine (and chard?)
2 Grilled Cheese
3 ravioli
July 4 Hot Dogs, Salads
5 Baked Potatoes
6 Pizza
7 Chicken Salad, BYO Salad
8 Ribs
9 Grilled Cheese
10 Fried Rice & Egg Rolls
11 Spaghetti
12 Chicken Sandwiches
13 Pizza
14 Bratwurst
15 Spatchcock Chicken
16 Grilled Cheese


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Christmas on Thursday

*ETA *publish!* hit the publish button or this goes nowhere!

This is some, but not all, of Braiden's quilt.  I like it!

The X blocks are all done, and I plug along on the trees - they're all sewn but not assembled - these are all 2s, they need to be 4s, but I want to avoid matching trunks, crowns, and backgrounds and that will be easier if I do this in stages.

Is it 'manly'?  I think it's manly enough.  The trees get a little lost when assembled into the 4 patches, but they sort of turn into compass roses, and that's good too.  The x blocks all have blue centre, like the sky, right?  Whatever, I like it.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Christmas is 6 months from now


I spent a little time yesterday on Braiden's quilt - I'll post pictures on Thursday.  

And I think I'm going to knit Simon a Gansey sweater for Christmas.  Like this one.  I wonder if I have any/enough yarn.  Bet I do.

Maybe one for Daniel as well.  he and Simon both like sweaters - maybe I'll make one of them a pullover, and one a cardigan.  hmmm...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

And again, it's Sunday

I am not going to bother getting groceries this week, beyond cereal, burger rolls, and spaghetti sauce. We have everything else!  Woo!  And there's plenty more in the freezer for next week.

My new mantra is "I want to be out of debt more than I want _this_, whatever this is.  And it's working!  Now that I'll begin having a biweekly paycheck, I can start regularly contributing to paying down the debt load we have.  I can't wait to be done with it!  Using savings and credit cards carried us through the time that Scott was without work, and then again when I was, but both of those situations are done, so it's time to climb out of the hole.  I should make a ticker!

Jen at work gave me a stack of size 24 month sized onesies (what 2 year old wears a onesie?!) that she wants cut into t shirts if I can.  I have permission to make one or two sacrificial, proof of concept test drives.  She'll pay me, maybe cash, maybe free meals, it's all good.   That's kinda/sorta job one, and maybe I'll do that instead of going to VQF.

The garden needs attention too - plenty of weeds.  Early last month I cleared a lot of scrubbiness along the side of the driveway, and it has grown into a beautiful wildflower mini-meadow, jam packed full of milkweed and daisies and... this. It's pretty, and I'm sure it has never grown here before, certainly not in the abundance of this year.  It's Valerian - an herb whose root is used medicinally to induce sleep and reduce anxiety.  Could have used this 6 months ago.  Or last year... no worries, I'll harvest and dry some of it this fall.  Maybe I'll start a collection, a pharmacy of sorts!

Anyway, yesterday's rain spoiled my laundry plans - it's dry now, and the washer's running.  It's not sunny, but there's enough of a breeze that things will almost dry.  I'll finish 'em in the dryer to knock off the pollen and soften the towels.

This Week:

Sunday - Vermont Quilt Festival?  Maybe not
Monday - City Band concert & Strawberry Festival
Thursday - Farmers Market
Friday - Payday!

What's for Dinner?

24 BBQ Chicken
25 Grilled Cheese
26 Fajitas
27 Spaghetti
28 Burgers
29 Pizza
30 Cold Meat & Salad
July 1 Canada Day!

Friday, June 22, 2018