Monday, December 11, 2017

Look at all those needles!

Look at 'em all!   A year or so ago, a friend gave me a large bag + of beautiful yarn from her late mother-in-law's house.  All she wanted in return was a hat.  Eventually.  This yarn wasn't actually from that bag, it's leftover from a sweater I made Tori.  But purple is, according to her daughter, her favorite color, so purple it is.  The pattern is Antler Toque from Ravelry, not hard, and it's fun getting back into knitting.

Plus, with as little free time as I have right now, I don't knit for long enough to make my hands hurt. 😊

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekend Update

Oh Boy.  It's been a busy little week, and there's plenty more where that came from.  Mom's Christmas gift is in the mail, Juli's quilt too.  I drove up to Quebec on Friday to send them  - lower cost and faster delivery time.  Plus no trusting Canada Customs not to mess them up.

I still don't have bulbs int he ground or chains on the tractor.   It looks like a pleasant enough day so once I've got groceries, I can maybe get to that.  Tractor first, and then bulbs.  Failing everything else, I can plant the bulbs in pots and let them over-winter that way.

It's almost 11, and the washer cycle just ended.  Time to kick it into gear.

The Next 4

I've rearranged a little, and will do a little more thorough housekeeping later, but since the point of this list is to keep me on task, and NOT to have a pretty list, I'll leave it.

#2 Julie's Quilt Done and in the mail 
Tracking numbers suggest this will be in Juli's hands this week.
#3 Baby quilt for Lillian's Granddaughter due before 12/22
Lillian's daughter is having another baby!  The bosses are off to to CA for a month, and I'd like to send along a baby quilt.  I made one for Baby #1 (Lena) and will make one for this little one as well.
#4 Table Runner(s?) for Stacey before Christmas (I think)
This commission arrived by text yesterday.  No details yet, but I really want to do this for Stacey.

What's for Dinner?

10 Sunday - Turkey Stew w/biscuit top (I think the meat I pulled out of the freezer is actually chicken.  meh)
11 Monday - Fajitas
12 Tuesday - Deli
13 Wednesday - Bacon & Eggs
14 Thursday - Mac & Cheese
15 Friday - Pizza
16 Saturday - Baked Potato Bar
17 Pot Roast
18 Grilled Cheese
19 Lasagna
21 Deli
22 pizza
23 Mac & Beef

Friday, December 08, 2017

Road Trip

Quebec has the greatest traffic signs!  I saw a lot of the first one,  suggesting that there's a tractor over every hill!  I saw one tractor.  And it wasn't on a hill.

I saw a couple of the second one, which I'm still not sure I completely understand - there are cars and motorcycles on the road?  Where else would they be?

But the one that made me laugh every time was the one I didn't get a picture of - apparently Quebec deer are WAY more energetic in their road crossing - they practically frolic through traffic!

Juli's quilt is on its way, along with mom's gift.  Sunshine came in just around 70"x100", it's bigger than all of the others I've made for the nieces and nephews, but it needed to be that size to accommodate my need for symmetry.   Yay!  Onward!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Weekend Update

This week coming up is another busy one.  I'm getting tired.

The control cable for the tractor arrived yesterday so that needs installing,  And the tire chains.  Plus I still have bulbs to plant before the ground freezes.  And work!  The Afterschool Meals Program is reduced after Wednesday, one of the groups is done until after the winter break.  The cafe will be closed Dec 24-Jan 1, and then who knows?  I'll sleep when I can.
Oh, and Sinterklaas is this week!

Cleaning for a Cause: Last week I gathered some things I'd made for craft fairs in the past, dropped them in a pretty basket on my desk with a donation jar, and hoped I'd raise a little money for Chef José Andrés' World Central Kitchen.  I'm over $100!  What kind generous people I have in my life!  I'll share more on Chef José's foundation later this week, but for now I'd like to just wrap myself in the goodness we're sharing.

Now, the serious business portion of the show. 😐

The Next 4

#2 Julie's Quilt on the machine ready to quilt Due Dec 7 
As of this minute, I'm a little bit over 1/2 done the quilting.  I broke my last #14 needle last night, switched to a #12 and immediately broke 2 more.  I need to get needles today.  I'll *fingers crossed* finish the quilting this afternoon, and get it trimmed for binding.  Signs are still thumbs up for Friday off, so I'm aiming to mail then.

#3 That obnoxious one waiting impatiently. I have backing and batting
Nothing further here, but depending on how my future at the cafe looks, it might be a gift for someone there.  Kind of a "How can you miss me if I won't go away" gift.

#4 Braiden  Due Dec 2018
yeah, nothing new to report

What's for Dinner?
3 Sunday - Roast Chicken
4 Monday - Grilled Cheese & Soup
5 Tuesday - Burgers (or corndogs?) and potato chips
6 Wednesday - Spaghetti & Salad
7 Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie
8 Friday - Pizza
9 Saturday - Steaks
10 Sunday - Turkey Stew w/biscuit top
11 Monday - Fajitas
12 Tuesday - Baked Potato bar
13 Wednesday - Spaghetti & Salad
14 Thursday -
15 Friday - Pizza
16 Saturday

Friday, December 01, 2017

Time's Up.

I don't know what that means, or maybe I do.

This morning, this was what the voice in my head was telling me.  Time's up.  And then, I had my legs kicked out from under me.  Everything I have built in my little cafe (and I do believe it's mine) may be over.

It's been leased to someone, someone who will change the name, I suspect change the feel, the heart, and the soul of the place.  It's not mine anymore.  And this will happen in one month.  I have not met Yvonne yet, and I should reserve judgement.  I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but as of January 1, I am the employee of someone who follows Tucker Carlson, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Don Jr. on Facebook and who belongs to groups called "We the Deplorables" and "Trump Machine."  Hooo boy.

So what do I really want?  I don't know.

Time's up.  I knew something was coming, I've been busily ignoring all the subtle needling I've been getting from the universe, however I have made a few connections, and stuck my foot in a few doors.  Can I recreate what I had here somewhere else?  I don't actually know.  I'm not sure *this* exists anywhere else.  What I do know, though, is if I do go somewhere else, if I move to a different cafe (that opportunity actually might exist) a lot of what made my cafe successful will come with me.  That and a coffee grinder, a crock pot, a KitchenAid Mixer, a freezer, and a big, beautiful collection of cake stands. ;)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Here comes the Sun

 I should call this quilt "I am NEVER Gonna Get this Done" but I think it's called Sunshine.  I started quilting tonight, I know, I know, shoulda started WAY sooner, but... Listening to Pandora, everything had the word Sunshine in it, or at least I noticed it in every song, so Sunshine it is.   But there's just sooo much of it!  It'll be done in time, and all signs still point to YES for Friday Dec 8 off.  Quilting with my fingers crossed!

I'm gathering Christmas to mail from Granby (or somewhere in QC or maybe Cornwall!  We'll see.