Monday, September 25, 2017

Further to yesterday

Almost immediately after hitting PUBLISH on yesterday's post, I came across this Click here The article suggests that spending money to save time brings more happiness than spending money on stuff.  I'm on board! 

I spend at least half of my weekend, probably more, doing chores - laundry is HUGE.  And I do it, because on Saturday and Sunday, I can hang them on the clothesline, and save money on power by not running the dryer.  Earlier today, I decided if I did a load overnight once or twice during the week, threw it in the dryer in the morning, I'd be caught up, and I'd get my weekend back!  This article just confirmed my thinking is on point. 

Now, though, the trick is to use all that free time to do nothing.  The right side of my brain is screaming for attention, I need to slow down and take care of that.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Is this a cop out?  Nah, I don't think so.  I really want to get this quilt done and a meander seemed like just the right thing.  I've bought something for the binding that perfectly matches the earthy green in the floral.  Yay!  I'm 1/2 way around the outer border, two more sides to go, then trimming, attaching the binding, and stitching it down.  Then Juli's quilt, then Christmas! ;)

*Abrupt subject change, sorta*

Sometimes, I hear voices.  Not really *hear* but I get messages from my SELF that there are things I need to take care of.  Take care with.  Several years ago, I got out of the habit of immediately putting on my seat belt.  I don't know why, but there it is.  I'd drive out as far as the mailbox and I'd hear "You are important" and I'd know.  The seatbelt would go on.  Because Oh. My. God if anything happens to me, who takes care of my kids?!    Today, I got "Slow down."  I was driving, I was doing the speed limit.  After 3 loads of laundry and finishing the lawn, I was on my way to the grocery store and Costco, Goodwill, maybe Christmas Tree Shop, the ATM... flat out.  So I slowed down.  I didn't go to the ATM.  I didn't go to Christmas Tree Shop or Best Buy or Lowes.  I wandered around Costco and Goodwill and lived in the moment I was given.  Then I came home, threw out the pair of shoes I'd worn (they make my feet hurt) made some burgers and decided to spend some time with Rhoda's quilt.  And that's where we started.  Meandering.

See?  I don't know how "slow down" is going to work at work.  Or at other work.  But let's find out.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia

Thoughts and prayers, people, thoughts and prayers!  Really?  I snarkily replied to someone on Facebook who suggested instead of bashing the President (I wasn't) we should all be praying for those in the way of Irma's Florida arrival.  This was several days ago, before the hurricane made US landfall, but after St. Martin, Barbuda, Anguilla, and St. Barts were destroyed.  Prayers for those in the path of the storm.  Prayers for those in the projected path of destruction.  Mention that there had already been huge damage, property demolished, desperation, and death and of course, we need to pray for them too, but the implication is always that somehow these wretchedly poor have so little to lose... ... ...  Stop it.

I am not a prayer.  I do not believe in god, or God, or GOD, or g*d or whatever.  I am not an adherent to the myth of intelligent design.  But.  But if I did believe, if I did accept that there was a being sitting on a cloud somewhere, directing this place like a reality show, exactly what kind of masochistic asshole is this guy?!  He kills babies.  Often.  Sometimes just before, or during, or after being born.  He isn't satisfied with just taking a life, he has to give grandpa Alzheimers so his body lingers drooling and diapered long after Grandpa has left the room.  Legend has it he flooded the entire planet because he was mad.  He invented dog fighting but lets mankind take the creditblame.  He sends hurricanes that level impoverished countries, destroying the lives of his "children."  He's a dick!  And maybe if we pray, or send a fat check to Pat Robertson, he'll spare a couple of lives, maybe send that tornado through a different trailer park because Aunt Polly lives in this one and gee, we did pray for her safety...

It's bullshit.

Prayer helps no one but the pray-er.  And those checks?  Pretty sure that Joel Ormond and Franklin Graham aren't depositing them into God's bank account.

So what, exactly, was the point of this screed?  Dunno.  I just get so frustrated with those who offer the accepted "thoughts and prayers!" or "PRAYING!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏" and assume that's enough.  It's not.  Put on your boots or pull out your credit card.  Stop telling Facebook how hard you're praying for your neighbour, and paddle over and knock on her damn door and make sure she's actually okay.


Saturday, September 09, 2017

Saturday with Rhoda's Quilt

I got my chores done (kitchen, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, recycling, blah) and rewarded myself with a quick trip to HOPE, which will always be ACCAG to me.  Lovely seaglass necklace, Pampered Chef apple peeler-slicer-spiralizer thing, Y peeler, and a CorningWare P type handle all for $7 and tax.  A&W for a late lunch, then Happy Valley for cider donuts!  Yay!

I made myself take Rt 7 through New Haven both there and back to put the accident behind me for good.  I think the sage and fire last weekend really did do it, but a red motorcycle passing me in almost the same spot made my heart race for a second, but then it passed.  On the way home, I was already a mile or two beyond the spot before I realized I hadn't even noticed.  So, good.

It's rained for several days straight, so no yard work to speak of.  It's too wet.  Instead, I got the boys set up to fend for themselves for supper and headed up to work on Rhoda's quilt.

I sewed for about an hour, flipped it over to make sure there weren't any huge pucker-y messes or thread nests and NO!  Woot! (as the kids say.)😉

I really like the freehand center.  It's appliqued, and a little stiff, I'm going to guess WonderUnder but it might soften a little with washing.   It's certainly not something I'd have made, but it's fun to work on.
There only remains a single 6ish inch solid border, then trimming and binding.  I will check my stash for something that'll work to bind it, otherwise I'll grab something when I go into town for groceries tomorrow.  The colours below aren't quite accurate, at least not on my screen.  Gold and crimson and the purple is quite rich - more like aubergine than plum.  Everything need a little warm up from the pic.  Can't imagine I don't have something though - these are my colours.

But before that I really ought to figure out what's going in that purple space.  Hmmm.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Tonight I *am* tired

Last night's no-meds sleep was a giant fail.  Tonight I am Starbucks free, exhausted, and ready for bed at the earliest opportunity.  Should be good.

I started back at the school district supper program - a little different this year from last.  Last year I planned, ordered, prepped & served the afterschool programs at the elementary school.  This year I prep and deliver only, but for all high school. middle school and elementary students.  Less work, and more work.  Today was Day 1, and I am absolutely certain that the new procedure has way fewer fans than haters.  Keeping my head down, doing my job.  It's not me they're hating and it's not my job to fix it.

It's cool and drizzly this week.  This is the weather that makes me want to quilt, and knit, and bake.  And I am too tired to do any of it.  Tonight anyway.  Daniel made dinner, and I marked one of the borders on Rhoda's quilt.  Maybe tomorrow.  I think I'll start some knitting too - Mom has hinted that she has enough jewellery thank you very much, John ruined teaspoon collecting for her (by buying abut 200 random meaningless spoons at a yard sale,) she has no interest in dusting any more Hummel figurines.  But she liked the alpaca lace scarf I made her a few years ago so much that when she refused to give it to her sister (ha!) Tante Kitty asked me to make her one of her own.  She doesn't like mittens, prefers isotoner gloves, and doesn't wear a hat, so another scarf it may well be.  I think was Kitty's but I might be mistaken.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Happy Labor Day!

Today, I labored.  I didn't really intend to, but there it is.  I went out to pick some tomatoes and ended up with peppers, beans, potatoes, and zucchini too.  And a wheelbarrow full of weeds.  I came in to have some breakfast and Simon texted saying he was stopping by with a couple bottles of his home brew beer.  Yay! It's very tasty and my head's a little swimmy now.  On a school night!  Scandalous.  While I waited for him, I started de-weeding the patio.  Last weekend I sprayed the center portion with some pickling vinegar and it worked!  And with the dead weeds gone, it looks much better.  Problem is, I ran out of strong vinegar last weekend, didn't buy more, and only had regular white vinegar to finish the job today.  We'll see how it works.  Moving on,  I set to work on the bed in front of the garage, and was most of the way done when Simon and Jenn arrived.  Simon put the beer in the garage fridge, retrieved a printer from the loft, and helped himself to some tomatoes and herbs while Jenn and I kept going on the weeds.  Done, and gee I like that girl! :)

After they left, I drove Daniel over to his friend Kai's house to trade some help clearing a fallen tree for some of the wood.  Honey Locust - he's very excited and they were happy to have the extra hands.  Job done, and I have more wood drying in my garage.

And I quilted!  It's a little warm for it, but I worked on Rhoda's quilt until it was time to make dinner.  I underestimated the amount of work left - there's one more border than I had counted on, but it's all good.  Maybe by next weekend?  I'm not sure wat to use for binding, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  I think I have a backing for Juli's quilt, but I seriously doubt I have batting.   So maybe a trip to Joann this week.  I'm not sure when, though.  Job #2 starts tomorrow.  Or maybe it doesn't.  There's a little voice in my head saying it doesn't start until the first full week of school...