Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Soundtrack of Your Life

I got in the truck this morning and turned up the radio - one of my favourite songs was playing! What a great way to start the day (especially since I was heading to the dump.) "Times like These" by Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl just makes me smile, always has, even when he was the Nirvana drummer. The only other song I adore that immediately comes to mind is "Shiny Happy People" by REM, makes me wanna dance like a crazy girl.

Do the songs say anything about me? I dunno, I guess there must be something there. Imagine trying to score the soundtrack of your life. What would you choose? I feel a list coming on.

Times like These (Foo Fighters)
Shiny Happy People (REM)
Witchcraft (Sinatra)
Miss Chatelaine (kd lang)
Annie's Song (John Denver)
Man I Feel Like Woman (Shania Twain)

what else...


dot said...

I will have to think about this. Good topic.

Rian said...

Cool stuff! And a fun challenge. But first I'll have to go to iTunes and listen to yours because two of 'em I am not familiar with.

Pigley said...

For my life, I would definitely have to pick something from "Supertramp". Heh.

Dorothy said...

Oh my! Miss Pigley!