Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good Night, Good Luck, and Good Lord!

At least on this part of the yard, it can now snow. The grass has had it's final cut, the garden is cleaned up, the roses are mulched, the leaves are raked, the furniture is put away. This is the part of the yard I consider mine, it's a small lawn, big perennial bed, view of the neighbours' houses. And *my* yard is ready for winter. the rest? Not so much.

These stupid shoots are Grape Hyacinth. They bloom in... April, May. Every year, just before winter, a couple of these dumb bulbs send up new shoots that look like wrung out dishrags by spring. Why? Dunno. 'Cause they're dumb, is all I can figure.
And ew! This is what my house smells like this afternoon. Pumpkin guts. I think I shall cook the tenderloin in the oven instead of on the grill just to get a better smell going. Nice gourds, though, huh? Grew them ourselves! Pictures of the masterpieces tomorrow.


Jules said...

My house smelled like pumpkin guts last night. It has now gone away...

Jeri said...

They sure look like they're having fun!