Sunday, November 05, 2006

(This) Viewer's Choice

Large Quilt choice: "The Marriage of Liberty of London and Kaffe Fasset" by Helen Irwin. I love this quilt, even though Helen dear butchers the spelling of Mr. Fasset's name. Read the selvedge, honey. (But I love the quilt anyway)

Medium Quilt choice: "Power of Three" by Karen Abrahmovich. It seems, from the description of the quilt that this is actually a pattern called Power of Three. I've never seen it, but I love it - looks like a great stashbuster! She used variegated thread (but I love the quilt anyway)

Small Quilt choice: "Anam Cara II" by Mary Jane Russell. The second in a series based on the writings of John O'Donhue. I'm curious! It's painted, stamped, written on and heavily quilted. I ADORE this quilt!

Symphony of Quilts Theme Quilt choice: "Back in the USSR" by Angela Miller. Perfect fabric and quilting choices. I love that the focus isn't on the grand cathedral, rather the rocks and bullrushes. I wish she's quilted something in the border, though... Go ahead, gild that lily! It's the splendor of Czarist Russia, after all! You know they would have!


Jane Ann said...

I love the first two quilts (colorful geometrics will get me every time), especially the Liberty/Kaffe combo...except for that border. Does it look better in person? Seems an odd choice to me (not that it's my quilt, you understand). Wondering what you thought.

Dorothy said...

The border choice is unfortunate, it adds nothing to the quilt. There's a small inner border of white polka dots on brown - one of the Fasset circle prints would have been better, and just about ANYthing would have been a better choice than that mud border on the outside.