Friday, December 01, 2006

Okay, let's try that again.

The Afterschool Enrichment Program (ASEP) at our school holds a craft fair every December, and for the past few years I've reserved a table so I can see everybody I never see because they're all off working, and so Tori can make a few dollars peddling her craft-du-jour (anné actually.)
She's done angel necklaces from paper clips (big hit!) and snowmen from jinglebells, and this year she's got some origami things to offer.
Me, I'm all about the chickens. Not really, but I had them the first year, and sisnce then, I've had people seek me out to buy them. In their honour, the Class of 2006. There are 16 in all, plus a few (not pictured) that got held back from last year.

More fun are the post cards. The angel card was the "featured" one last year, very elegant, and pretty popular. I only have one left, though I do have more of both the background and the angel, so maybe I'll put together a few more. Much fun, that "scribbling" on her wings and gown! This year's card is the sparkley snowman. They're trapunto'd (but just a little.) The print is on this sparkley tulle, layered over a bit of lilac scrap from my bin. This selection is just a reprentation - there's a lot more where they came from. My poor machine, I can sew full-tilt for just about 90 minutes before it starts with the power snits. I hope I'm not breaking it further by holding off on the service.

And what else...? Wednesday I brought a plate of Nanaimo Bars in to the ladies in the kitchen. I got the plate back today, spotless except for the smiley sticker smack in the middle. :o) Americans, as a rule, don't "know" Nanaimo Bars. Their loss. Seriously. Is there an American something that Canadians don't know? None that come immediately to mind. There must be something. Well, maybe the 24 hour Walmart, but it's hardly the same thing. Oh, Whoopee Pies were a new one to me when we moved here. Can't say that I've felt called to indulge, though.


Jane Ann said...

Mmmm, the Nanaimo bars sound good! I never heard of Whoopee Pies either until Mother started making them about three years ago. She won't share the "recipe" but I think it's just a chocolate cake mix without the full amount of liquid, so she can bake them in patties on a cookie sheet. She says the filling is just marshmallow fluff and powdered sugar (half 'n' half). Now, I know that sounds foul, but they're highly addictive.

Only recently I learned from Lynn Rosetto Casper's "Splendid Table" that Whoopee Pies are a regional thing--is it Maine or Vermont? Or just New England in general? Mom lights candles to Martha Stewart so I wonder if Martha didn't have something to do with her sudden decision to bake them. (Although Martha would never settle for cake mix and marshmallow fluff!)

Vicky aka stichr said...

My SIL introduced us to Nanaimo Bars after she moved to none other than....Nanaimo! De-lish!

Love the cards and chicks.

Anonymous said...

Don't care for whoopee pies either but made the Nanaimo bars once. My family didn't care for them. Sickenly sweet.

dee said...

Whoopee pies are a Pa-dutch-Amish delight. The Amish stores there sell them by the bag full(if you want to kill yourself sweetly) I have two Amish cookbooks and both use powdered sugar and Crisco(Yeah-you heard me) to make the filling. After I read that I walked six miles and never again ate a whoopee pie. I believe I will make the Nanaimo bars though. Sounds delish and relatively easy. If I can keep my hands off them I may give them as little gifts. Your elf thing-hilarious.

Pigley said...

I have never heard of a Nanaimo bar or a Whoopee Pie.

Anonymous said...

We went to Canada last year and the first thing I said was, "Take me to the Nanaimo bars!" They were good, but not what I expected after hearing about them for so many years.

Love the chickens!!

Rian (too lazy to sign in)

Michelle said...

Love the chicks, too cute!