Friday, December 08, 2006

So what do you do all day, anyway?

No, no one had the nerve to ask me that. Anyone who would knows they'd find themselves in several bleeding piles on the floor. If they were lucky. What got me thinking about this was a lament from a younger woman having coffee at the Sit-Down Donut Store. Cute boyfriend and I were there yesterday at his suggestion (I'm such a pushover) and young mother was there with another woman I'd assume was a sympathetic friend.

"I just can't seem to get it all done in a day. There's constant laundry, and cleaning, and cooking. Who knew having a kid would be this much work?" (ha!) "I get JR off to school, then I come home and it's all there. Everywhere. Every %$#@ing day. When do I get any ME time? How do I even get to the bottom of the list?"

My immediate reaction was private, jaded laughter. You poor dear, welcome to adulthood. Thinking about it later though, I do know whereof she complains.

So I decided to keep track of just what it is that *I* do in a day. This is reflexion, not criticism. My situation is mine alone, I don't pretend that this life is anything close to normal, but it is mine, and I've come to terms with that.

Friday, December 8th. What I did all day:

8 loads of laundry. This is exceptional, though I do have laundry every single day. Scott has Obsessive Compylsive Disorder and generates a pile of towels, clothes, whatever, every single day. Most days I do at least 3 loads, but I slacked a little Thursday and Daniel (sigh) wet the bed. 8 (large capacity front loader) loads later (washed, dried, put away) and there's still a bunch waiting, but I'm done.

Cleaned the kitchen, downstairs bath, family room. I do this every day, because I can't stand the mess if I don't. Plus, if I let it go one day, it's three times as bad the next. Kinda like NYC's broken window campaign. One mess generates another, exponentially, at least at my house. Made my bed, too.

Dropped off all three kids / later picked up cute boyfriend at preschool. Fridays provide me with the only 3 ME hours of the week.

Took myself out for a double latte and an apricot scone. ahhhhhhh.

Drove to Middlebury for thread. The nearest quilt shop is exactly 8 minutes away. Next nearest is 25 minutes away. Close shop, of course, didn't have the thread colour I needed. On the way home I took a brief detour and

Stopped at the dairy for milk and eggs. And ricotta choose for tomorrow night's supper. If I'm going to be in the area anyway, I'll stop and save a few bucks on SUPER fresh milk and eggs, 'cause, well, wouldn't you?

Lunch for three. Grilled cheese, crunchy vegetable sticks, an apple. Clean up.

Finished Assembly
(mostly just the edge satin stitching) of 17 fabric postcards. Tomorrow I shall sit on my ass and shoot the breeze with people I never get enough time to see. Maybe I'll sell a card or chicken at the same time. Or not.

Made dinner (vegetable beef stew in the crockpot, cheddar biscuits). Cleaned up kitchen, loaded the dishwasher afterwards.

Started a new Branching Out scarf for my aunt whose name really is Kitty. Do you know how hard it is to find variegated GREEN lace weight wool? Who knew? I found some (this) in a Merino laceweight and dug out my 4.5 mm bamboo sticks and got biz-zay.

Called my mom and chatted about nothing for 45 minutes. :o) Then told her I loved her. I don't tell her enough.

Showered, then fell into bed at 11:21. Asleep before Letterman.

Lather, rince, repeat.

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