Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Flashback

Tori was laughing at Daniel this morning, after he presented me with his latest fridge art. It's a MASTERPIECE," he advised. I treated it with all the respect due a MASTERPIECE and adhered it to the fridge with a bender and a star so it's in no danger of falling. "Kind of mouthy, isn't he? And what kind of a little kid uses words like that?" Tori asked. Uh, honey, those would be *my* kids.

When Simon was a baby, he hated being in his car seat. He'd stiffen, resisting any attempt to bend him into the chair. On one such occasion, helpful 2 year old big sister Tori tried the logical approach since clearly my brute force effort was not working. "Simon, you have to be securely strapped into an approved child safety seat! If we were in a collision, you could be seriously injured or even killed!" Um, maybe a few too many PSAs on morning television?

On another outing, she managed to reach her precious little arm out from her car seat and put her window down, just as we pulled up to a red light next to a teenager on a bicycle. "Hey you dumb kid, where's your helmet?" Thank goodness for power windows with a driver's master control, and for green lights.

Kids with big mouths and vocabularies to match. Yup, I got 'em.


Jane Ann said...

What would we do without the Tories of this world keeping everyone on the straight and narrow, protecting society? Being the big sister in my clan, I can attest that it's a tough job but we never let our vigilance waiver.

karen said...

Outta the mouth of babes....too fantastic!

Lisa said...

Heeeheeee! They come by it honestly!!
My fav from childhood: "Mommy can we afford that?" - my piping three year old voice would demand as an item went into the shopping cart.