Monday, July 16, 2007

Mondays in the Park, with Daniel

Our Little City band plays free concerts on the green every Monday night. The cute boyfriend and I got there late this week, but still caught plenty of music. Broadway favourites tonight.

Finding a spot on the grass wasn't too difficult, it was a nice night for a concert. The staff at the nursing home behind the green wheel their charges out front and center for some fresh air and excercise - some of these ladies were boogying up a storm in their chairs.

When the music was done, cute boyfriend sought out his buddy Joe (1st trumpet, beautiful solo during the Cats medley), who "taught me how to play the TRUMPET! Pppphhhttt!"


QuiltingFitzy said...

You have a wonderful town. When I lived in Ohio, it was Sunday nights 6pm, and you could count on it. Lovely memories.

(Your son is just plain beautiful, but don't tell him, lol)

Rian said...

What fun. For us, Mondays means Big Love on HBO. I'd much rather be sitting with you and your cute boyfriend. He's adorable.

dee said...

Oh that boyfriend is soooo cute! Our concerts are on Thursday night but I rarely see them with such handsome escorts