Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Week in Review

I never seem to have much to say on Sundays. Doesn't stop me from talking, mind, but it seems I rarely post here on Sundays. Since Fridays are for Flashbacks, I'm going to designate Sundays for status reports. Maybe if I can see some progress from week to week, I'll stay (get?) inspired to keep moving.

*48 blocks out of 120 for Bevin's quilt
*started (and re-started, and re-restarted) a scarf for Katherine
*read absolutely nothing except the paper
*drove 4 hours there, 4 hours back to Amherst/Holyoke/Springfield MA
*enjoyed the first five cherry tomatoes from the garden. 2 Yellow Pear, 3 Sweet Million
*went to the dentist to have a rough spot buffed, came home with a brand new filling. It seems there was a cavity formed under an old filling - the rough spot was the creeping edge of it. Ugh.
*didn't get my hair cut. booo.
*made it to the pool every day but one (see #4, above) for Daniel's 9:15 swimming lesson. He's an anarchist, though. These lessons consist of not much more than the little bugger jumping around in the shallow end, riding a pool noodle like a horse. I try, I really do try, not to let him see me laughing at how funny he is.


Pigley said...

I am ready to see five new quilts in the sidebar!

Lisa said...

Heeeheee! Way to go Daniel!
Anarchy at swim lessons rules!