Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dead tired

I really should write this in the morning (as the name would imply.) I'd still be awake! I didn't sleep much (or well when I did) last night, so by 10 this morning I was ready for a nap. Scott had to go into town so I went along for the 2 hour chance to sit. When we got home, I decided to spend a few hours tackling the front walk. The sharp gravel is gone now, all 15 or so wheelbarrows full moved to support the far side of the driveway. Tomorrow I'll work on grading it, and I'll order the two yards of fresh base gravel and 2 more yards of topsoil for the planting area. That'll be my project for this weekend.

SO now, I am exhausted. Briefly resurrected by a piece of that peach pie (best I've ever made, I think), I've updated my Next 4. Why is there always 4 more? Will I ever get to the point where I don't have 4 quilts waiting in the wings? Probably not.

So let's see - Bevin's is a carryover from the last 4. I'm 1/2 way through piecing the blocks, it needs to be done for Christmas.

The next is my Nesting Robin - it'll be a floater - overlapping whatever else I'm working on. I've got an idea, along the lines of my last Robin - I'm thinking the quilting might be the expression again - I really enjoyed that Christmas one and want to do it again. Only different. I'll show you when I get there.

Katie Cooke was a friend of mine who had a fondness for little doll sized quilts. She moved to NJ a few years ago, and I hadn't heard from her since. This morning the phone rang, it was Katie, calling to "order" 2 little quilts for her newish home. Okay. :o) She wants traditional patterns in country colours. Ugh, but I'll do them because they'll look good and because she's a friend (and because she's paying me for them.)

And #4 is the UFO. 7 years ago I started a modified Drunkard's Path in autumn colours. As with some of my other quilts, this one declared its identity long before it was anything at all. Falling Down Drunk - get it? Pictures when I find the bits, 'kay?

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