Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sew? No.

But I cut. That counts, right?This will become my newest mudroom quilt, assembled for the Nesting Robin I'm hosting on the Quilting Forum at Delphi. Like the last one, 5 clues inspire 5 hand quilting designs. 30s repros and muslin (yes, that's a muslin final border) - looks just like me, huh? No. But it does look like Easter and I need a wall quilt to get me from Valentine's Day to the Crazy Spring quilt, and this is just the ticket. I enjoyed that last Nesting Robin so much, I just figured I'd give it another go. And by the time I get to that wide expanse of white, my fingers might just be nimble enough to do some decent stitching.

Now, to get this thing pieced by Saturday. Hahahahahahaha! I slay me!


Christine Thresh said...

Yeah, it looks just like you -- NOT.

Vicky aka stichr said...

so is the Fall Wallie hangin' in the mud room yet? thats where I figured it would go when I sent it.

Dorothy said...

Oh! Vicky I put it downstairs to keep the cats off it, and with all the patio work I forgot it was there! Let me get a picture today to share, and as soon as that mess is gone, I'll put it up.