Sunday, August 05, 2007

This week is history

So, what'd I do this week? Whole lotta nothing, it would appear. We had some killer hot, super humid days this week. The Adirondacks, upon which we can often see tree texture and rocks, were a mere shadow in the haze. It was the Anti-Arizona (you know, the old, "it's a dry heat.") Like breathing soup (and here in farm country, that would be cow-poop-soup.) Ugh. And heading into August, the weed pollen is high, just for kicks. So, I was knocked flat by migraines twice this week. I suffer from allergy induced migraines so I get a sinus headache with the aura/flashes/upset stomach/knife in the eye pain of a traditional migraine. Fun? You don't know the half of it.

Aaaaanyway. I guess I did do something. Young Anarchist got carted off to his swimming lessons daily and I threatened him (by withholding his daily candy fix) enough to make him pay attention and do what he's told long enough to pass. Good boy. :o)

During the 40 minute lesson, surrounded by the "almost-30 (OMG!) young- mom" set, I played the dowager and knit on Katherine's scarf. I'm at about 18", with about 1/2 the skein left. Christmas is months away, I'm SO on top of things (cue: catcalls.)

Did I sew? Not a stitch. Not a single one. But I did buy some more batiks for Bevin's quilt. They're, um, still in the bag.

But my greatest achievement, that generator of the aching back and sore butt muscles (who knew??) is this:

Saturday afternoon I decided I want a patio. Scott sat on the newly cut lawn (his work) enjoying a Coke and the thankfully less humid afternoon, and suggested I'd better get to work. He didn't really, but his reaction wasn't much more than that. So I did. We've always had a ridiculously wide crushed stone walk up the house. Like 7 feet ridiculous. I dragged out some hose and reduced that sucker to 3 feet, 45" out from garage, and straight along the grassline. I shoveled, and raked, grunted and heaved, and got myself about 6 feet before going in to order a pizza for dinner. We discussed my vision over pepperoni, Scott suggesting that we "really could hire someone to do this." I was unswayable. He humoured me. We staked out the center of the front entry area, measured a length of rope, and spray painted a large circular patio. 18 feet. He went in to have a shower after tagging the grass with Simon's name. I got busy finishing that walkway and new planting area. Simon grabbed a shovel and de-sodded most of his name. As my walkway approached the edge of the "patio" I moved my pot ghetto to the finished end and carried on. It was getting dark when I came in. This morning, Scott and I went to Livingston Farm to look at rock. They were closed. Four Seasons was open, but had no stone. And Home Depot? Well, we bought some hose parts.

When we got home, Simon finished removing his name, and then disappeared. Cute Boyfriend and I spent the next 3 hours de-sodding the remainder of the patio. Tomorrow I'm going to see a man about some dirt. And stone. According to the book I bought, they highly recommend delivery. And professional installation. Pshaw. How hard can it be? *snort* Stay tuned.

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