Sunday, August 12, 2007

What a week!

Blue, blue, red, red! Wowee! I did finally make it to the fair yesterday and discovered my scarves fetched blue and red ribbons too! I know this is nothing compared to pretty much ANY real show, but gee, I'm thrilled to bits anyway.

It was fun picking everything up when the hall closed last night. Whoever had taken down the exhibits had folded everything so the tags hung off the bottom left corner. I'm sure the intention was to make distribution fast and easy, but the added benefit was that as exhibitors carried their treasures out of the barn, their pretty ribbons hung down for everyone to notice. ;o)

What else did I do this week? No' much. Katherine's scarf came to the band concert with me Monday night, it's about 2 feet long? Something like that. Mindless, portable. It sits in the bag where I left it when we got home. The picnic blanket's still where it got dropped, too. And my book.

Bevin's quilt is now at the halfway point, blockwise. I pulled out the new batiks I bought a few weeks back and got them pressed and cut. One has a very waxy feel to it, but I'm using it anyway. Another, one I *thought* was just wrinkled from being the end of the bolt turns out to be an intentionally wrinkly piece - maybe for broomstick skirts or something? Do people even still wear those? I pressed all the wrinkles out that had survived the wash and cut it anyway. No picture, but I'm liking this quilt more and more.

What else...? Oh, I posted a Nesting Robin on Susan Druding's quilting forum. 5 rounds, rows, whatever over two and a half months, so done before Christmas. (Insert maniacal laugh.) In theory. C'mon play if you're so inclined.

A comment Pigley made a while ago is right. It's time for a new Next 4 List. So this week, I'll think of one. Maybe.


Rian said...

Congratulations x4!

Vicky aka stichr said...

4, count um, 4 ribbons!!!!

Yahoooooooooooo Dorothy!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!! It's fun winning a ribbon isn't it?

Tanya Brown said...

I would be proud too. Congratulations!

Pigley said...

wow! You are awesome! Should have entered that peach pie!