Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have absolutely no excuse for idle hands let me tell ya. This is just some of my pile of handwork. Thankfully, the homecoming dress Tori chose yesterday, after 8 exhausting hours of shopping over two malls and two trips (plus a failed mail order) is JUST the right length. Whew. The binding (the two little quilts under the knitting) will be quick. The knitting is mindless (but has been left too long.) There's more too - the cross stitch for mom, and something I can't share until after Christmas on the off chance that the person it's for reads this. On top of that pile is my Nesting Robin. Next clue is due... ACK! Sunday!


dee said...

Wow-I'm tired just looking at your pile-o-stuff. Those quilts look very nice under there.

Teri said...

You are really getting a lot done. I like your new quilts, and I think the scarf is great. Do you ever use fingering weight yarn like sock yarn to knit your lace? I am thinking of working my way up to laceweight by trying a sock weight yarn first. Eventually I hope to be comfortable knitting lace weight, because I love lace.