Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Forgive my absence

I have no good reason for not posting. There are certainly things going on that I want to comment on. Congress votes tomorrow to maybe? hopefully? over-ride the executive veto of the SCHIP bill (call your congressman.) The weather's been gloriously cool and crisp and autumnal, everything I love about fall. I made a great soup yesterday, and today picked apples with the preschoolers and made a pretty apple cake.

I've done no sewing, no un-sewing, no knitting, no cross-stitch, no reading. More than anything I want to get in the truck and run away from home, and I can't even summon the energy to consider pretending.

I've got a serious case of apathy, a condition I dislike in others, can't stand in myself. Every morning I get up with fresh resolve, and every night I go to bed with the same old regrets. I know how to fix this, even. I just really can't be bothered. Ain't that a kicker?


Debra said...

Chin up Dorothy, I think we all get that way from time to time. I sometimes plan a "running away from home" trip, (in my head). Planning a trip to a lovely cabin with no TV, Phones or Radio. Just me and my hand sewing and a good book just to recharge my batteries. It never happens but I feel better just planning it.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Yup, I'm with Debra, put one foot in front of the other, eventually you'll get there.

dee said...

Hi Honey-we all get a touch (or a smack) of that from time to time. I've got agoraphobia and can't go out without someone puching me out the door sometimes. Don't make me come up there!

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for sharing this...yesterday I was the same way, all I could do was just sit and stare at everything there is to be done...and not do a thing.

I was starting to feel a little concerned, even, so it really helps to know I'm not alone!

Karen said...

There's a butterfly place in Deerfield Mass. I am probably going to with my sister tomorrow, sounds like a nice get away day trip.Right near yankee candles. Will let ya know how it is for an escape.