Thursday, October 25, 2007


Our neighbour Laura works for that yard machine company that advertises on PBS on Saturday mornings (they're located here in TeenyTown.) Monday she brought the loaner chipper home for us to use. Tuesday, of course, it rained. No worries. Wednesday, Simon and I went over to get it, and this afternoon, Scott and I laid waste to two big brush piles. I am so, so, so tired. And I have splinters. :o(

This morning, with all my free time (which I almost didn't get when Cute Boyfriend announced he was going to take the day off. NO! Preschool! You must, you MUST! He did.) I picked out the first quilting attempt on Falling, and has an epiphany. I *know* I have little free motion skill. I have little free motion experience, and skill comes from experience. Regardless, I decided that what this quilt needed were leaves. A little practice, a little courage, a little wash-out marker, and in I jumped. Feet first, no waterwings. It ain't awful! It ain't awful at all!

I'm not done, I had to pause to pick up the Boyfriend from school ("I had a GREAT day!") get lunch, and then turn a whole lotta scrub and 5 hours into a decent sized mountain of mulch. Dinner was frozen pizza at 7:30, but that particular bit of yard work is done, for a long time (next year, realistically.) I have some spring bulbs to plant, and now I have mountains of mulch to keep 'em cozy. That's a job for another day, though. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.

After dinner, I sat down, picked up Joy, and finished the Y. Again. Made inroads on the holly redux, and extended the Kloster stitching down the right side. No knitting tonight. Bed's calling, and I'm taking this call.



Vicky aka stichr said...

So how does your pile of mulch look? The next door neighbor is having 2 HUGE trees removed really soon and I asked the tree dudes if I could have the chipper truck stuff. But I think I will need to seperate the wheat from the chaff...but how? Tell me, oh guru of mine.

Dorothy said...

A big truck with a sharp chipper blade should leave you mostly nice, useable stuff. Take it all, and just pull out the not-so-nice stuff when you're spreading it. That stuff can go in the composter.