Saturday, November 03, 2007

2 days in,33 oops. 35 to go.

I'm starting over. I had a big whining, swearing, throwing, hissy fit a few minutes ago. It wasn't pretty. It's served it's purpose, but not my GREATER purpose. So I've made a cup of tea, and since we return to Standard Time tonight, if it keeps me awake an extra hour, well so what? I'll catch it up in the morning.

Today started too early - before 6 is ungodly on a Saturday, but Tori was going to the Girl Scout State Conference and was being picked up at 6:45. For her to be up, I needed to be up, and if I'm up, I'm staying up. So I threw in some laundry, got the trash and recycling rounded up, tidied the kitchen, and was ready to call it a day by 8:30. ;o)

The first week of November always kicks the squirrel in me into high gear. So the oil tank is filled, and both vehicles too. The tractor has a fresh oil filter, clean winter weight oil and a new air filter, just for fun. The plow is NOT attached since a small pivot pin is missing. Hmm, 4 year old boy, missing gun-shaped piece of tractor. Think there's a connection? No doubt. I washed the outside of the windows I can reach with the ladder, and checked the gutters I can get to.

The truck needs the snow tires on and an oil change. I'll pay someone to do those. And I need to get some bulbs into the ground. One last run over the lawn with the mower (with the bag to catch the clippings for the composter) and I think, I think we're ready for winter. Honestly? Can't wait. I haven't given up control of the thermostat yet, so the heat has not been on yet. It was tempting at 6 this morning though, when it was 19º outside, and dark, dark, dark. I put on some socks instead and made a pot of coffee. It got lighter, it got warmer (relatively - high of 44º today) and I put off the cost of heating for one more day. By the time I sat down with the paper and a croissant at 9, it was almost bearable. ;o)


Tanya Brown said...

Holy cow! Just reading your post made me exhausted! Also, I felt kind of guilty for thinking the house was chilly when it got down to 65 degrees last night. Forgive me?

QuiltingFitzy said...

AZ doesn't convert to DST, OMG, I feel HUMAN. The time change used to kick my butt!

I tried the "no whine". WOW I need more work.

dee said...

Came close to putting on the heat yesterday-Roger gets cold at about 55 degrees-me, not so much.
I'm always amazed at what you accomplish-I envision you in a Tasmanian Devil-like whirlwind.
I can get a grip on the whining cause I really hate whining-does snarky count? I have a lot of snark lately.