Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Flashback

We lived in Toronto for a few years in the mid 80s, and I worked in the downtown core. One of the favourite places to go eat lunch was Nathan Phillips Square - the park in front of the alien-looking Toronto City Hall.

The square is home to lots of things, many less than pleasant, some more entertaining than others. The chip wagons and hot dog carts are always good for a quick lunch, and there is no shortage of help eating it.

Grab your fries (with gravy AND ketchup, thank you) and wander over to the grass to watch the squirrels. Toronto squirrels are multi-ethnic, but the black ones are by far the most entertaining and agile. We don't have black squirrels here, just fat grey ones, mean little red ones (chickarees) and chipmunks. Perhaps a little black squirrel could have got that pear, as Irene suggested. Fat Bottom just waited and let the wind last night do his work for him.

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