Sunday, December 16, 2007

5:00 pm

Yeah, it's snowing again. It started about 4:30 and it started with a vengeance. We're at about 13 1/2" now which means (fingers...toes...fingers...) 7 inches. We've had an inch and a half in about 45 minutes. They are still saying 15" or more - it seems like it's going to have to snow all night, I think. The warning is in effect until 7 am tomorrow.

We had a tiny bit of sleet around 11, just as the snow stopped, but it didn't really amount to anything. With the sun down, it's getting colder, so I think ice is less likely. But what do I know?

I have a counter full of sugar cookies, a chicken and baked potatoes in the oven, a pan of rolls waiting their turn. I'm dipping into my dwindling stash of Swiss Chalet sauce mix, too. What the heck, it's Christmas. :o)

1 comment:

Kathie said...

well we misses all that beautiful snow, had about 3 inches and probably 2 of them is ice here in NJ
oh well maybe next time.
Look so pretty though...
enjoy your cookies and yes that choc too!