Friday, March 28, 2008

Look up, look waaaaaay up

Mental Floss provides the kick for this week's Flashback.

The Friendly Giant was probably my most favourite show when I was really little. Second only, maybe, to Romper Room. I adored Miss Betty, but she never did see me in her magic mirror.

I didn't realize until reading the Mental Floss piece that the Friendly Giant experience was Canadian, available only to those lucky American kids who lived close enough to the border to pick up the CBC on their rabbit ears. And in exchange, we got Commander Tom.

"One little chair for one of you, and a bigger chair for two more to curl up in, and for someone who likes to rock, a rocking chair in the middle."


QuiltingFitzy said...

Well, The Friendly Giant escaped me, living in Flint and Detroit I would have thought I might have seen it. Tho, youngers years I do remember having only one station and poor reception, we were more rural then.

I waved and waved at Miss Betty, she rarely saw me.

Do be a do bee, don't be a "don't bee".

Debra said...

I loved the Friendly Giant,Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe, and Romper Room. I was also a big fan of Razzle Dazzle! Was the Canadian too!

Teri said...

Miss "Barbara" from Romper room never said my name either. Romper Stomper Bomper Boo. Tell me Tell me tell me do. Magic Mirror tell me today did all my friends have fun at play, did all my friends have fun with me today? Is that what yours said? We didn't have the friendly Giant but we had someone similar that called himself Woodrow the Woodsman. We also had Captain Penny (Captain as in a railroad engineer) and my other favorite Barnaby. He had pointed ears before Mr. Spock, wore a straw hat, and had an invisible parrot called "Longjohn". At Christmas, we had Mr. Jingaling. I remember all of the words of that song to.. He was the keeper of Santa's keys.
Thanks for the memorie jolt.