Sunday, March 30, 2008

This week

*burp* Oops, 'scuse me. We just got home from Dakin Farm's annual pancake breakfast to celebrate the new crop. This year's maple syrup is extraordinarily sweet. Yum! As we pulled into the parking lot I realized I'd forgotten my camera. I have to go back one day this week to pick up some other things for a gift basket, I'll try to remember to take some pics - that way, all you'll miss is the incredible line. There must have been 60 people in front of us at 9:30, and the line was even longer when we fought steamrolled carefully made our way out. Now I smell like I've had a maple facial with a bacon shampoo. ;o)

So what got done this week... Oh, THIS! It's small, didn't even take a full yard to back it. The backing is that stripes from yesterday's pictures, with the red binding. All stash but the back, and I can use the leftover yard of the stripes for one side of a Christmas apron. Even the batting was pulled from the depths of the pit!

Here's a closer shot of the quilting. The borders are boring, just SITD, but the center is clouds! It's one continuous line except for a fluffy cumulous bit I added to fill a spot that wasn't stitched quite densely enough. I'm quite pleased with the way that came out. I drew it on in chalk (sidewalk chalk to be exact since my chalk wheely thing is empty) then went over any faint spots with crayola markers. Can't say I'm not resourceful.

Tori's sweater is approaching completion, I'm working on the button band/collar now. Maybe 4 more rows? It's not my style, but we'll see if she likes it. If not, it's not even two balls of yarn - I'll frog it and make something else.

And is that it? Could well be. Today the sun is shining and it's up to 33º. Warmer tomorrow, close to 60º! on Tuesday. Ahhh... (And on Wednesday, it'll probably snow.)

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Rian said...

Mmmmmm. Real maple syrup. I bought some in Manchester, Vermont with the mind to give it as a gift, but somehow it got consumed. Now that we are dieting, maple syrup (not to mention pancakes and butter) are off the list. So I loved hearing about yours.

And I love the puffy cloud quilting--genius!