Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day + 1

Yesterday was earth day here. Literally. A big truck came and dumped a big pile of dirt at the end of my driveway. Without prompting (yeah!!) the kids started hauling wheelbarrows of it over to the raised beds, topping the two existing ones, and filling the two new ones. Let the gardening begin!

Last night and so far today we've had some gentle misty rain which is settling that lovely soil into it's new home. I'll top up as I go, but the heavy work is done, and not by me. It's drizzly right now, so perhaps I'll pull out some graph paper and do a little garden planning. Or maybe we'll wing it again this year as we've done in the past. As long as I cycle the crops out of their last-year's spot, it'll be fine. And that'll be easy - I'll just move the tomatoes and corn into the new beds. And put the beans where the tomatoes were. There. done. :o)

What's not getting done? Any sort of sewing.


Warty Mammal said...

Rain. I envy you.

I think we're well into drought season in my neck of the woods. I keep looking longingly at the window above the bathtub, and thinking of funnelling used bath water out to the landscaping.

Christine Thresh said...

I think dirt is in the air. We all seem to be thinking, planning, and planting.

Sara said...

We've been having that same nice light rain...and it has been nice.

Enjoy playing in your garden...