Sunday, April 26, 2009

This week, next week

Last week

Pull and cut fabric for Tom's quilt
decide what to do with string top

all week - April vacation
Tuesday - Shopping with Tori and friends
Thursday - snow tires off, oil change
Friday - Sunday - Tori Jump Camp Training

I've had to go back to checking the weather forecast before I plan a menu. It was 85º yesterday - way too hot to turn on the oven. I'll have to seize the opportunity the next free cool day I have to run the clean cycle. It heats the house up, so much so that I don't feel comfortable starting it and leaving for a few hours. Today of course could be that day, it's only 50º right now, and doesn't promise to get too much hotter. (Well, waddya know, today IS that day! I just turned it on.)

Simon's birthday is tomorrow, and he's requested his standard birthday meal. Every year he ponders and thinks, and then comes up with exactly the same meal - rib eyes and broccoli. The only thing that changes is the starch - this year it's garlic mashed potatoes. He got his big present early, a new guitar, and has been up in his room much of the weekend practicing the four chords he knows. Tori whined that it wasn't fair he got his present early until I reminded her she'd be away all weekend and the gotta-play-it-all-the-time novelty will have subsided by the time she gets home.

Yesterday was hot. Summer hot, but not too humid. I got the strawberries and rhubarb moved to their new permanent digs in the raised bed that heats up/dries up first in the spring. I had a bunch left over, a BIG bunch. What to do, what to do... My friend Laura who works (yeah!) at a garden center part time (she also teaches 1st grade) called and asked to borrow the rototiller, so she went home with some, and the rest I offered on facebook. Facebook! Even easier than leaving them at the end of the driveway.

Tomorrow evening is the first night of t-ball. Guess I'd better find the folding chairs and make sure my travel mug is clean. ;o)

This week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - hamburgers
Monday - steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli, birthday cake
Tuesday - chili
Wednesday - deli sandwiches
Thursday - bbq chicken & salad
Friday - pizza
Saturday - chicken fingers and fries

Cut fabric for Tom's quilt

Monday, Wednesday - T-ball
Tuesday - Sub 1/2 day
Thursday - Principal chat 6:30
Saturday - movie and dinner w/Tori & friends

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