Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week in Review

Last week

Finish quilting and bind Bento quilt.

Monday - Sub full day Library
Tuesday - Simon field trip
Tuesday - sub 1/2 day Library
Tuesday - PTO meeting@ 6:30 (staff appreciation)
Thursday - sub 1/2 day K-Ek
Thursday - Volunteer Tea 1:30
Thursday - Science Night VUMS 6:30

I realized about mid-morning Monday that there was to be no school this week, then a week, and then Staff Appreciation at the elementary school. Um, that's my gig, uh-oh. I quickly put together a plan, presented it and begged for help at the PTO meeting Tueday night, and assembled everything that needed to go home in the school newsletter by the Thursday deadline. And I worked in between. ;o)

The kids are off this week, so schedules are a little relaxed. I'm taking a carload of teenaged girls shopping on Tuesday (and recovering on the couch Wednesday?) And getting the snow tires off Thursday. Really, that's about it. I think we all need the break. My plans for this week involve a lot of kinda/sorta and maybe-if-I-get-to-it. I have a little bit of prep for Staff Appreciation, but nothing life altering, not this week anyway.

It's really and truly spring here - the crocuses are done and the hyacinths are in full performance mode. Tulips next, then daffodils under the trees, and then... EVERY THING! I think tomorrow I'll go order some dirt.

(this is what happens when my camera goes out without me)

This week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - grilled pork loin
Monday - quiche and salad
Tuesday - crock-pot lasagna
Wednesday - Fried rice
Thursday - Hot dogs
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Mac & cheese

Pull and cut fabric for Tom's quilt
decide what to do with string top

all week - April vacation
Tuesday - Shopping with Tori and friends
Thursday - snow tires off, oil change
Friday - Sunday - Tori Jump Camp Training

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

Those glasses are purrrr-fect. I think Steph needs some for her prom outfit!