Thursday, May 07, 2009

A quick breather

Yesterday was the BIG day of Staff Appreciation, and by the end of it, I was beat. The luncheon prep started at about 7:30 am when the coolers and food started arriving. My helpers showed up by 8, and by 9 they were slicing vegetables, arranging trays of cheese and cold cuts, plating pickles and assembling fruit salad. I was in the library moving tables, arranging flowers, spreading tablecloths and searching for music that wasn't Raffi or High School Musical. First seating was 10:30, and the last teachers left at 12:45. Then the three of us left ate, then wrapped, tossed, folded, rearranged, washed, dried, returned. I flew through home at 2, was back at school at 3 for the afterschool enrichment program (little flower pots and thank you cards.) Tomorrow's the last day of National Teacher Appreciation Week. Take the opportunity to hug your favourite educator, huh?

Home again at 4:30, throw together a sandwich and headed off to t-ball. Shoulda taught those afterschool kids to do a rain dance, maybe I'd have got to stay home.

This afternoon I'm subbing in kindergarten, and this evening is my book club. I'm thinking of bagging that (though I'll miss the companionship) since I couldn't force myself to read the book. It was just too difficult. Animals is Translation by Temple Grandin. (click the book image to see her website) She's autistic, and a highly noted authority on animal behaviour. I can see why - the book, to me anyway, felt like it was written by a golden retriever, and was exhausting to read. But I bet she understands animals like no one else.

Tomorrow, Daniel has a half day of school, done at 11:00. I read with one of my little guys at 10:30 and intend to make the most (least, actually) of those precious unscheduled 2 1/2 hours. I'm going to 3 Squares, ordering a double latte and sourdough toast, and I'm going to start my next book. I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

I have met Temple Grandin, and have her first book "Thinking in Pictures". she was an amazing young lady back then.