Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Update

Last week

Finish Nola quilt.
Finish Kayhart curtains.

Monday, Wednesday - T-ball
Friday - Sub 1/2 day kindergarten
Friday - open mic night @ high school

This is late. No apologies -- it's Memorial Day weekend, the weather is gorgeous, and I can't keep myself inside. I got the garden all in yesterday - a lot's been in for a while now, but this weekend I finished up with the pole beans, corn, pumpkins, cucumbers and melons. The four raised beds have been thoroughly weeded and there anyway, all I need to do is water and wait. It rained a bit this morning, a couple hours of gentle drizzle that got everything settled.

Next up I tackled the front hosta bed. It's planted full of daffodils and I usually let them die back a little before I do anything, but our neighbour's son is graduating from high school in a few weeks, and with the traffic our little laneway will see from relatives and partygoers, I want it to look nice. So it got bumped up a bit. There's almost a yard of bark mulch on there already and I'm only half way. It's nice to spend so much time out there though, so I'm not complaining. much.

Monday it was mentioned that "gee it'd be great if those curtains were finished by Wednesday since my sister's here visiting and she could just take them home with her instead of me having to drive up there to drop them off... But no pressure." No pressure? Sure, whatever you say. They're done, and the check's in the bank. Monday it was also mentioned that the presentation of Mr. Nola's quilt was moved up to Friday instead of the following Tuesday. But no pressure. Um, yeah pressure! I worked Tuesday morning, subbing in the school library, so I brought the quilt with me, got the label and sleeve on between classes, and handed it off before I left. I haven't sewn a stitch since Wedneday morning.

Another casualty (almost) of the great weather is those butter tarts. The shells are ready to go, but I'm out of syrup. The grocery store opens at 7 tomorrow morning, then they'll be in the oven and ready to enjoy. I hope. I always fear something awful is going to happen to things I bake for others, and if there's not time or enough to sample ahead... oooh, more pressure.

Tori's being honoured with something at the Underclassmen Awards Wednesday night. Last year we sat through the whole eveing to find she'd won for excellence in welding. (She's a great student academically, but this award thrilled her to bits, funny!) She didn't take welding this year... we'll see.

This week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - grilled chicken breasts
Monday - hot dogs/ribs/potato salad
Tuesday - quiche and salad
Wednesday - deli sandwiches
Thursday - spaghetti and garlic bread
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers


Tuesday, Wednesday - T-ball
Tuesday - Simon field trip
Wednesday - Underclassmen Awards
Friday - Sub 1/2 day kindergarten


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

I remember the welding award! Stephanie was told she should have been at Laural's night, doesn't even know what she was awarded!

Wilma NC said...

Our garden is doing really well this year. Yours looks good too!!