Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Day Before Christmas

These ugly little Hummel kids are coming along quickly! I'm surprised, but not really. I've stitched two pictures before, and the detail on this seems considerably less. The Ring-a-Rosie I did a few years ago drove me to fits - the skirts and aprons rarely had two same-coloured stitches next door. At least that's the way I remember it. Looking at the pictures now, I think I might have embellished my recollection a little.

But in any case, these boys are coming along quite nicely.

I am nowhere near a point where I should be adding the backstitches, but the giant peach-flesh blob was distressing, so I went ahead and defined their faces. Much better. Maybe by next week they'll all have shoes. And hair.

I've shared them before, but here are the two previous Hummels, for detail comparison. Perhaps I'm wrong. See what I mean about the muddy colours though?

I've even, gasp, begun thinking about the next few things that should be done for Christmas. There are four nieces and two nephews (plus my own) in the Under 16 catergory. Tori's 16, she'll get a big quilt this year (and since school starts next week I can maybe sneak some pictures up here), but the younger ones need something... something...

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Zazzu said...

I've always thought that Hummels were hideous (shhh, don't tell my SIL - she has about a million of those ugly things). But your stitched ones are very, VERY cute! It's like the stitchery brings out their inner charm in a way that the ceramic (?) just can't.

At the rate you're going, your mom's Christmas present will be ready before Halloween. I love it when that happens. Don't worry, it's not a jinx for ME to say that...only for YOU to say it. :)