Monday, August 03, 2009


Uh, oops. Once a week, shouldn't be so much to ask, right? I can't seem to manage it. Maybe I *should* try to post something, anything daily, just so as not to lose the habit. Either way...

So let's see where we are.

(week before) Last Week

Keep working on Tori's Bento quilt when she's not around

Monday - Friday Daniel swimming lessons
Monday - Friday Tori Jump Camp (Burlington)
Monday - Scott Dentist
Monday- City band @ park 7pm

move peony bushes

clear old rose bed
weed corn, cucumbers, melons

done, done, done. Well, almost. The bed where the roses used to be remains uncleared (it's over-run with ajuga that refuses to succumb to Round-Up, and it's been too wet to dig it out manually. The roses have been relocated and are settling, and the Stella D'oro lilies I bought to refill that bed are biding their time in pots, so... it all can wait. Truthfully, there are a couple of elm trees in there that are looking unwell, and should probably come out. They aren't big, and are perennial favourites of tent caterpillars, so I'm not too broken up about it.

We've begun adding a deck to the back of the house, between raindrops. Waiting for 3 dry enough days in a row to get the heavy post-hole drilling equipment on the lawn was the worst part. But the post are in (we took the boy out first), the beams are on, most of the rafters are attached, and this week, weather willing, the decking will go on and we can get up off the wet grass. Rails and stairs after that, and woohoo! We can move outside! I tried to load a video of the crane truck delivering the wood over the roof of the garage, but it's taking forever to load. SO here's some pics instead.

I've lost another 2 pounds - Even with my severe myopia I'm within sight of my pre-preg weight (from *ahem* Simon.) He's already taller than me and will be driving this time next year. And do I dare hope someday to lose the 26 pounds beyond that that came with my high school junior? One babe at a time, one babe at a time.

Tori's quilt is progressing well. She's away today and tomorrow but I don't know if I'll find the time to get the rest of the initial piecing done. It's headed for 72"x84" - 169 little 6" quarter-block blocks. I've got 116 done, and (I think) strips for most of the rest cut. I can plow through a bunch today, and a bunch tomorrow, and maybe have them done by the weekend. I'd post another pic, but it's not so much different than the last one, just more of it. Once I have them sewn into 12" blocks, layout will be so much easier - I'll maybe put up a peek then.

This Week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - chicken cordon bleu
Monday - hot dogs at the park
Tuesday - soft tacos
Wednesday - Simon?
Thursday - veal parmesan
Friday - hamburgers
Saturday - pizza
Sunday - grilled pork loin

Keep working on Tori's Bento quilt when she's not around

Monday - entries to Fair before noon
Monday - City band @ park 7 pm
Tuesday - Saturday - Field Days
Saturday - Innisbrook kick-off 9:00 Sheraton
Saturday night - pick up fair entries after 10 pm

clear old rose bed, plant Stella D'Oros
continue weeding, picking beans, cucumbers, tomatoes


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

oh i love the deck! ours is coming along too. boy those are some deep-wide holes you had to dig, is that because of freezing depths? going to do anything interesting with the railing?

Zazzu said...

I guess there's no way to keep a little guy out of a hole like that, huh? Too, too tempting.

Dorothy, if you lose any more weight we won't be able to see you!