Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Day Before Christmas

(if you don't push the publish button, it doesn't. who knew?)

So this week... nothing more from the Hummel boys, they're done. Matted, framed, and waiting for giftwrap. I'll share a picture before I do that, but I'm tired of looking at them.

These two guys are also done. I'm not a craft painter my any stretch of anyone's imagination, and I'm not at all ashamed to admit that the "fine" fines and lettering were all done with a marker. Purist? Not me. But I started with 2 plain pine shapes and ended up with these. I'm pleased. About the end of November you'll see them again with their candy countdowns attached, then Daniel's will join my other kids' Santas, Ryan's will go live at Ryan's house. Then we'll all count down the last 24 days until Christmas. With candy. :o)

And finally, Marilyn's grand-daughter's quilt in progress. I intend to have this quilt (seriously!) done before the end of September. Stop laughing. I'm more than half way on the blocks, and have sewn all the HSTs so that what remains is assembling nine-patches. Assembly line work, easy-peasy. I've decided that all the layouts I like require an even number of blocks across, so I've decided to make these quilts 6x6 (54" square.) I'd originally thought 5x6 (45x54), but since even that would need a pieced or wide yardage back, then why not make it easy on myself and make a square. What's 6 extra blocks? And if I can find wide yardage, it's usually 60" and will fit anyway. Better in fact - less waste. This picture is 1/2 the blocks. I'm a few past that, but I was playing with layouts and through the magic of duplicate/mirror I could see where I was headed. And I like it.

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Greg said...

nice work on the Santa's and quilt. Now did someone mention CANDY???