Sunday, September 27, 2009

This week, next week

This Week

Red scarf
Marilyn's grandchildren's quilts

Simon - orthodontist Tuesday
Sub library Wed pm
finish "small deck" side of the big deck
continue putting veggie garden to bed

Sometime this week I also need to run up to Burlington and a) get groceries, b)find/buy a new fleece jacket, and c) hit the health food store for tea for Tori and Nutri-biotic for me. Although if I could shop online.... Nah, I'll find the time. Maybe Wednesday. My friend Sue turned me on to grapefruit seed extract quite a few years ago, and she probably doesn't even remember. After a trip to Mexico, she developed a chronic bladder infection, completely resistant to every antibiotic her doctor tried. Desperate, she turned to a friend who was also a homeopath. She suggested Nutri-biotic, and the untreatable infection was brought in check. I don't get bladder infections *knock wood* but went through a time when I was troubled with cankers and other non-bacteria but still annoying as heck infections. Nutri-biotic kept me cold-sore free for years and years, but I've been out for a while. I'm not in any sort of risk group for a flu shot, so I move to the end of the line, and really, I don't wanna get sick. So... off to the health food store I go. The fleece is for Saturday morning soccer. It's cold out there!

We're moving toward the shorter days of autumn, and the impending doom of winter. Not doom for me, of course, I like winter, but it limits what can be done outside and there's stuff that must be taken care of before the snow flies. I plug along, getting the things done that need to be, and the things that I want done will get there if there's time.

A neighbour, Jane, stopped me on the sidewalk in front of her house yesterday. She's contemplating renting a booth at Kennedy Brothers, a local artisan consignment business. When the leaves are changing, there are always tour busses parked in the lot (but the rest of the year, it's kind of desolate.) She asked if I wanted to go halfsies with her for 3 months - October until after Christmas. Aye! I haven't even built up any stock for the Holiday Craft Fair I've comitted to in December. I'll have to ponder this...

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - beef barley soup
Tuesday - pork loin roast
Wednesday - spaghetti
Thursday - grilled bratwurst
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers
Sunday - Swiss Chalet Chicken

Red scarf
Marilyn's grandchildren's quilts

Monday - sub kindergarten
Wednesday - Daniel school pictures
Thursday - HS Principal chat 6:30
Friday - Cubs 7:30
Saturday - soccer 9:30
continue putting gardens to bed
clear garage flower bed

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Zazzu said...

As busy as you are, I'd think the consignment booth would just be a hassle coupled with a burden. But, that's just me. I don't like to overplan my time before the holiday/flu season hits.

Thanks for the NutriBiotic tip! I'll have to look for some of those. I don't have time to get sick, either. Not that there's much to do about it, but I can try.