Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas on Thursday

Not much to share today, well, except that I intend, today, to finish with the fuzz. 5 of 12 are done, done. For the rest, the majority of the work is done, just the final layering (outside, lining, flap, straps, fur) and sewing. Then I am putting them away. Far away. And I'll vacuum up the evidence and move on from dreading the floating hair. Scott said today it looked like I'd been shaving dogs.The cost associated with these is minimal, so determining a price will have to take into account the aggravation. Still low enough to sell, but high enough to convince me to (ha!) perhaps suspend my sanity and make more for next year. I'm thinking $8. Maybe $10.

I stopped in to see Marilyn on Monday afternoon, after classes. No audience, no fanfare. She gasped, she hugged me, she cried. When I left she was laughing and running her hands across the quilts, remembering the quilts she had made with the fabrics in these. It was so worth it. Camera? Nope.

Oh, and I still haven't figured out what the deal is with those scrap blocks. Now there are 12.


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Those Santa hat purses are really very cute. I think $10.00 is a good price, too. Nice, easy round number.

No pics of the quilt presentation? Surprising that someone didn't get even one on their cell phone.