Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Day Before Christmas

Oh look, it's Thursday again. Already!!

I cast off the red scarf Tuesday night. I'm tired of it. The ends need weaving in, and it needs to be blocked, then off it goes to... wherever it is it needs to go. *note to self - find Red Scarf address. It's pretty enough, but the pattern doesn't even need attention, let alone thought. Besides, the soccer jamboree is this Saturday, and then the season's over. I'll start something new when basketball begins after Christmas.

I haven't tried that purse pattern yet. My sewing machine's been otherwise engaged. With this! Grandma's Scrap Basket #1 is not done, it's not even fully quilted, but the binding is attached and I've begun sewing it down. Glee! was on last night, and I needed something to do with my hands (yes, I'm one of those people - I cannot just sit and watch tv. I just can't.)

As to the additional quilting, I think I'm going to play up the diamond-ish pattern a little and do some concentric quilting. The quilt's a little floppy right now too, more thread will stiffen it up a little. But done next week? Not a problem.

The only other thing that might have qualified as hand work was the binding on Tori's quilt. But she looks forward to Glee! as much as I do, so I can't pull that out to work on. The binding is attached, I've begun sewing it down, but I can only work on it during the day when she's at school. It'll be done next week too.

And then, we move on to Craft Fair items. Aprons, cards, purses... more? Probably. December 7th.

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