Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last, Next

Last Week

Finish Santa purses
begin crayon rolls

Monday - Sub full day kindergarten
Monday - Daniel ASEP

Tuesday -Scott dentist
Wednesday - Tori Orthodontist
Thursday & Friday - Inservice, no school

Tori to Boston
Saturday - Handi-quilter class
wash front windows?

rake leaves

I had SO! MUCH! FUN! yesterday! I took the handiquilter class in Middlebury and oh, boy am I glad I don't have a spare $8k lying around. I'd have to clean the basement. Rita (shop owner) showed me how to load a quilt (attach the back, float the batting and top), how to thread the machine, how to lock stitches in place, pull up the bobbin, clip threads, trace a panto board and then, THEN! she turned me loose to play for 2 solid hours. Oh, it was a blast! She charges a set-up fee of $25, then $20 per hour to quilt my own tops, but I can go in and practice on charity tops whenever I want. For free! Fun, fun, fun!

Was that they high point of my week? You'd think so, but no! Well, maybe, but I ALSO had fun on Friday, picking up my new car! 2010 Mazda 6 with exactly zero bells and zero whistles beyond those included in the basic car, but my goodness, it's plenty loaded as far as I can tell. And it's a 6 speed stick! Again, fun!

Teri posted a picture on her blog the other day - a still from a movie I've never heard of called Christmas with the Kranks. There's an intriguing quilt hanging on the wall, which Teri has figured out (smart girl!) is made up of Lady of the Lake blocks with an unusual setting. She's worked up a pattern, and you know, I may try this. I've been itching for some hand work, and hand quilting this might be just the ticket. I'll look for fabric this week - I have an idea where I want to head with this, I think. Two colours, but not red and white.

In the course of yard work this week, Daniel and I fixed, hung, and filled the bird feeder. No one noticed for a while, but yesterday, it was bird (and squirrel, grrr) central. This should be entertaining this winter, when it's too snowy and cold to be outside, we can watch the birds from the back window. This little Hairy Woodpecker is a year-round resident. Maybe he'll come by for a visit once in a while.

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - Swedish meatballs
Tuesday - tomato soup, grilled cheese
Wednesday - mac and cheese w/bacon
Thursday - crock pot pork roast
Friday - pizza
Saturday - chili
Sunday - grilled chicken breasts

crayon rolls
look for fabric for Krank quilt

Monday - mattress delivery
Monday - Scott's b-day
Tuesday -tractor repair
Tuesday - dentist
Wednesday - sub 1/2 day pm Foley
Friday - Fun Night @ elem school
Saturday - Halloween
finish washing front windows
rake leaves


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

Wow what a week for you!!! I could picture you on the handiquilter! [that's one of the big ones' isn't it?]

New car??? Sweet!

Zazzu said...

Oh, I love black cars. Yeah, I know they show the dust, but I don't care - I keep a car duster in the garage.

Driving a stick shift keeps you young. That's a fact.

Every couple of years, I wonder if a longarm would be worth the dough. Hmmmm....

Suze said...

We bought a Mazda 6 during the summer..its the sports package with the spoiler..DH loves that car..the color on ours is called 'titanium grey' certain light it looks close to a red sports car as DH is ever likely to get!! I like the style of the headlights on yours..very cool..
And yeah..I would have to have both the dough AND the space for a long arm..but oh..I do so want one!! $20 an hour is not too bad for using the machine..and you don't have to worry about maint and space!

dee said...

My local quilt shop now offers the $20 rental and $15 an hour after the initial start-up lesson.
I'm on the list-can't wait.