Sunday, October 04, 2009


Last Week

Red scarf
Marilyn's grandchildren's quilts

Monday - sub kindergarten
Wednesday - Daniel school pictures
Thursday - HS Principal chat 6:30
Friday - Cubs 7:30
Saturday - soccer 9:30

continue putting gardens to bed
clear garage flower bed

The weather this week just didn't seem to lend itself to a lot of outdoor work, so the garden cleanup didn't really happen. There's time. What did happen, though, was a whole lotta sewing. Grandma's Scrap Bin #2 went from an incomplete pile of blocks to a quilted, bound, named, finished quilt. Yahoo! Not only that, but I made all the blocks for GSB #1. I believe this time last week, there were 4. Or 2, or something. Now there are 36, and who knows? By Thursday there might be another completed quilt! We'll see.

Tori's Bento is home from Margaret already (she's fast, she's good, and she's VERY reasonable.) I have the fabric for the binding, and it's been washed, but not pressed or cut. I'll get all that done, and the binding attached during a day this week, then I can stitch away while Tori's not here. There will most definitely be TWO finishes in October. My groove? Definitely back.

Tori just informed me that she cannot go to the orthodontist on Wednesday as planned. She has to endure standardized testing (don't get me started) all week, and absences except for deathly illness are absolutely not allowed. Poor thing, she's going to have to wait even longer to find out that she needs her wisdom teeth out. Funny, she's not nearly as broken up about it as she should be. ;o)

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - Chicken Rice Soup
Tuesday - Quiche
Wednesday - Macaroni and Beef
Thursday - Ham and scalloped potatoes
Friday - Strombolli
Saturday - Breakfast for dinner
Sunday - Turkey

Red scarf
Assemble Grandma's Scrap Bin #1 top
Attach binding to Tori's quilt
Try out Santa purse pattern
look for appropriate fabrics for crayon roll

Wednesday - Orthodontist 9:00 - CANCEL THIS APPT.
Wednesday - Hair cut 10:00
Saturday - Soccer Jamboree 8:30-4
continue putting gardens to bed
clear garage flower bed

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

Cool tooth pic.....ah, tooth picTURE. LOL

Like the view from the deck too!