Thursday, November 05, 2009

Christmas on Thursday

Quick one today, I got up late, and I'm working in less than an hour.

The crayon rolls are working! I have 15 "outsides" done, including 3 pink, (2 of everything else) and they go fast, so I can make up more if time allows. I need to work out a closure solution, I think an elastic strap with a button, like a bento band. next week.

2 are completely done except for the closure, 2 more have the crayon pocket on and just need binding, and the rest have pockets cut and pressed, but not attached. They're certainly colourful! And Daniel likes the idea, so I think they'll sell. What do you think $8?

And so there's no delusion that I'm making EVERYTHING for Christmas, there's this. I chaired the fundraising catalog sale (Innisbrook) at the elementary school in Septemeber, and the orders showed up (surprise!) on Friday. The Cinnamon Almonds are for my mom, the tin of cashews are for Scott's mom, and the mug tower (cute!) is for, ahem, me.


Wilma NC said...

I think the crayon rolls will sell!! They are really cute.

Zazzu said...

The crayon rolls are adorable. I want one for my Sharpies. :)

Eight bucks sounds like a great deal to me. You can always offer two for fifteen dollars as enticement. But, then, I like to buy things in twos.

I like those stacking mugs - cheerful.