Sunday, November 08, 2009

...Some cooking thing in a box...

Last Week

continue crayon rolls
6 log cabin chickens

Monday - Simon Orthodontist
Monday - Satellite dish replacement
Monday - dentist
Wednesday - sub 1/2 day pm Foley
Friday - Cubs 7:00
Saturday - Musical crew, cast banquet
Tori - "Oliver" rehearsal all week exc. Wednesday
final cut front lawn

put plow on tractor
finish cleaning garage

Yesterday the local Catholic Church held their annual Penny Fair - buy a card of 25 numbered tickets for 50¢, put them in little buckets in front of the things you'd like to win. Local businesses offer gift cards, or cash(!) or savings bonds. Others donate "things"- Pampered Chef items, clocks, clothes, toys... They draw the winners at 5, or something like that, we didn't stick around. My friend Kathy posted on my Facebook wall this morning that her son came home last night and said "Dorothy won some cooking thing in a box." Hmmm... intriguing.

Today is promising to be one of the last gorgeous days of fall, so I'm headed outside. The blade didn't get put on the tractor, so that's a job, and the lawn mower deck needs to come off. The license plates came for the car, so that's another job. And if there's time, maybe I'll sit in the sun and read my book. :o)

Oh, and, sigh, I've decided to climb back on the not-so-fat wagon. Just in time for the holidays.

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - beef barley soup, cheese bread
Tuesday - grilled chicken breasts
Wednesday - spaghetti with meatballs
Thursday - chicken and dumplings
Friday - pizza
Saturday - ribs
Sunday - roast chicken

finish crayon rolls
6 log cabin chickens

Monday - Parent Teacher conference 7:15 am
Tuesday - PTO
Thursday - sub full day Kayhart
Thursday - H1N1 Clinic
Thursday - Book Club
Saturday - Oliver matinee
Tori - "Oliver" rehearsals all week, show Thurs, Fri, Sat
put plow on tractor
schedule snow tire install & oil change

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