Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas on Thursday

I've been lax this week - no real creating going on here. It finally snowed, and boy did it! We probably got 6 inches yesterday - school was canceled since the forecast threatened sleet and ice. That never happened, but the wind did pick up later in the day. Today it's back to blue skies and cold sunshine.

So the craft fair is behind me, and all that's left to do for Christmas *making* is some Sharpee Rolls like the crayon ones, but with permanent pens for my graffiti vandal artistic niece Danielle and my who-knows-what-he-likes?! nephew Nic (who will both get a quilt next year.) And some colored pencil rolls (same idea) for Nic's too old for crayons, too young for Sharpees sisters Hannah and Juli. I'll make some for Tori, Simon, and Daniel too, but there's no rush to have those done.

OH! And I've come across a VERY cute idea for next year's craft fair. Check this out. It's a coin purse! How adorable is that? I saw one, somewhere a few weeks ago and looked for directions online. No directions, but lots of images! Click the picture to go to the Flickr site with many more cute monsters. I'm sure I can figure out how to make it.

The tree is up, controversially as always "Too early!" "Too late!" "Not enough lights!" "Too many lights!" "Wrong lights!" sigh... This is a new tree, Martha Stewart actually. It came pre-lit so the light complainers can just shove it. ;o) It's skinny, so as not to impede passers-by (it's always kind of in the way) but very lush. And the cats tell me it tastes just as good as the old one. I've got an idea for next year, for my "it's NEVER too early!" and "these aren't the right lights!" Tori. We still have the old tree, and strings and strings of LED lights. She can put up the old tree in The Dump my room downstairs the day after Thanksgiving. That should keep everyone happy, including me as I plod along on my treadmill in there every morning! Win, Win, Win!

And Monday I baked cookies. Today, I will bake cookies. Again. With very few exceptions, the first batches didn't make it beyond yesterday. Scott's got an appointment in town today, and I have to be here to sign for a delivery. I think I might just crank up the oven, put on some Christmas carols, and give myself over to the season. Ahhhhhh...

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julieQ said...

Your monster coin purse is so cute!! I must make some of these. I still need to put the tree up, but have been working overtime in order to have Christmas cash. Cookies sound so good right now...hope you have a most wonderful holiday season!