Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sewing! For me! Yeah!

Since it is at the top of the Next Four List, and since I am such a noodge about lists... ta da! I've begun the little quilt for the mudroom. Teri had posted a bit of challenge back in... October? She'd noticed a quilt in the background of a movie (Christmas with the Kranks, I think) and made up a pattern then asked if anyone wanted to make it with her. I like the quilt, and I want a wintery quilt for the mudroom, so here we go. These fabrics really shouldn't go together, but they look just like January to me. So I think this quilt will be called January.

I don't know if Teri has started hers yet, but the sizes she gives will make an 8" block. Mine's 6", so those little HSTs are 1 1/2". Teri does beautiful miniatures, though this one's no mini. Mine will be smaller than hers, smaller blocks AND fewer blocks - 25 rather than the 40 her plan needs. I think 25, anyway. I'm notoriously bad at counting these things. I'm going to make 25 and then make more later if I need them. I'm up to 9.

And Daniel has informed me that it is totally not fair that he doesn't have a quilt on his bed. He needs to get on that list over there, post haste.


heather said...

I think your quilt looks great. I like the colors together.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

I can't tell about the block, but the whiter one sure is sparkly! Looks like a winner to me!