Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Last Week

Winter Quilt (3 blocks per day)
Labels for Todd and Stacy quilt, and Tori's quilt
Blocks for Convoy baby as leader/ender project

Mail baby quilt to Todd and Stacy!
Kids BACK TO SCHOOL on Monday!
Monday - lunch with Kathy
Tuesday - my birthday

Yeah, so that label... it is not, nope, not on. I woke up Monday morning with a sore, phelgmy throat that just got worse on Tuesday. Wednesday, the frog moved into my head and he's been living there since. Other than the nose blowing and the niggling headache, I'm not doing too bad. This mouth breathing is getting o.l.d. though. Add to that the fact that my skin gets VERY dry in the winter and the tip of my right thumb has cracked open. I couldn't sew on a label if I wanted to. I mean, if I had to. I mean... oh you know what I mean. I'm about to resort to latex gloves and Vaseline.

Friday I helped out with the second H1N1 clinic at the elementary school. Kids under 9 years of age had to have a second, booster dose. And now they have. The health department staffed the whole medical part of the deal, but they needed parents to usher kids down to the gym and/or wait in the classroom if the teacher chose to take them. I also helped out with lap providing, tear wiping, and the procurement of stuffed toys. After tracking down the last 6th grader who'd missed the first clinic (and who was trying very hard NOT to be located) the nurses announced there were a few doses left over. Interested? In a free flu shot? Absolutely! I got a Garfield bandage and a cookie, but missed the sticker table. :o( I did save the $20 co-pay, though, so I'll get over it.

The January quilt is stalled. I have assembled the center, and boy does it need borders. The Flying Geese-ish border that Teri suggests doesn't thrill me, I don't know why. I have plenty of fabric to make them, and the actual sewing doesn't concern me, I just don't think I'm going to like it. THIS is why, I think, I don't use other people's patterns. I'll persevere. I've even gone so far as to photograph a section of Geese and copy/pasted them around the edge of the quilt to convince myself it will look okay, and it does. Suck it up, woman, and just do it. Sheesh! (The colour of the geese unit is pretty indicative of the actual of the fabric. See the "ice" sparkle?)

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Jan 10 - 23

Sunday -lasagna
Monday - beef barley soup
Tuesday - roast chicken
Wednesday - mac and cheese
Thursday - Spaghetti and meat sauce
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - stew and biscuits
Sunday - Something with chicken
Monday - Bean and sausage soup
Tuesday - Swedish meatballs
Wednesday - spaghetti
Thursday - breakfast for dinner
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Macaroni and Beef

Winter Quilt work on borders
Convoy baby sashing

Mail baby quilt to Todd and Stacy!
Tuesday - Daniel Flynn Theater trip
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP

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