Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show of hands?

Who actually thought I could wait until I had all the blocks done to audition sashing? Me either.

So here are the three choices, plus an example of what I thought I was after. Frankly, I hate them all. So I may have to finish more blocks and take them on a field trip and *gasp* buy some fabric. Nooooooooo...

So this was my first selection. I think it's too grey, too old fashioned, too not- the- right- one.


Selection #2. Maybe if the dots had been bigger, or less tightly packed, or actually WHITE instead of that weird cream colour... It leaves me cold. I think the leopard print it kind of brings to mind would actually be a more successful choice, but I'm sure I'm not ready to go there.

I was thinking black/white. But maybe not? Well, yes, maybe not, but definitely not this.

This is what I was looking for, only not blue, not floral, and not this. (This fabric has a slight nubby texture to it and is kind of gauzy.) Just as well the fabric's not right, because the print isn't cutting it either. So what do I want? Maybe Vicky's right, maybe it has to be red, but I still don't think so.

UPDATE: So, in her comment Marilyn confirmed what my heart was trying to tell my head. That sashing needs to be warmer. Like this: Right? Vicky, it's sort of red, but more like a red brick house than screaming red lips. This is an elementary school event after all. ;o)


marilyn said...

Just my opinion ....I would use a solid
red, orange, or rust. Good Luck with
your decision.

Dorothy said...

You know Marilyn, a brick red is what I was going to try next. I'll have to see if I've got enough of anything. I doubt it.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Yes, YES! The brick red is much better, I guess it's the starkness of the black that's making the others look so bleak. Sorry, guess you're destined to go shopping!

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

i was going to suggest a terracotta too. red is definitely better though! shop for new? come on dorothy, you will find a bargain, as usual,king friday.lowe