Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last Week

re-do Next 4 list

Monday - Sub Martin a.m.
Thursday - Daniel's turns 7!
Thursday - Hair cut?
Friday - Sub Foley

I think I'm finally recovered! I took a "personal day" Wednesday - watched a couple movies, hung out on the couch, felt soooo much better! It was really more of a personal morning, but it was enough. I also upped my iron supplement a little, and am trying HARD to reduce sugar in my diet. It's amazing how letting those two things slip makes me feel awful almost instantly.

This week looks jammed again, but it's really not too bad. No worse than most, and way better than many.

I got a couple of quilt related emails this week, both with pictures. First, this is the soon to be owner of Happy Happy Happy, meet Jonathon Jebediah, born just before spring arrived, on Friday night. Welcome baby Jeb!

And this morning, this arrived, via Marilyn - pictures of her grand children USING!!! the quilts I made for her/them. I'll admit I got a little teary. What a great email week this has been!

Next Week

Dinner Menu - Mar 21 - April 3

Sunday - beef stew
Monday - Tori's birthday! chicken fajitas, spanish rice
Tuesday - quiche and salad
Wednesday - mac and beef
Thursday - pork chops, fried potatoes
Friday - fish and chips
Saturday - pizza
Sunday - grilled chicken breasts
Monday - minestrone, bread
Tuesday - burgers, oven fries
Wednesday - mac and cheese
Thursday - pancakes and bacon
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - chili

Start Danielle's quilt
cut apart jeans in laundry room to determine if I have enough
Watch for jeans and or short zippers at yard sales, etc

Monday - deliver ACS Daffodil orders
Monday - Tori's BIRTHDAY!!
Tuesday - Spring concert 6 pm
Wednesday - Sub pm (Foley)
Thursday Sub all day (Loven)
CLEAN THE OVEN! (before it gets warm again)
meet with staff appreciation planning people

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